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Zone – X is a market revolution for training monitoring and performance analysis.
It´s a system that measures the parameters oxygen and heart rate continuously by means of a quick measurement method. The oxygen measurement is performed on the inspiration and expiration of the user, the pulse measurement via a chest belt BT 4.0.
Different modes of the system are available:
1. Performance test mode:
In this mode, a performance test is recorded. Then the data will be analyzed and it will be charged the individual anaerobic thresholds aeroben- and fully automatically for the athlete.
2. Training mode:
In this mode, the calculated thresholds out of the performance test are used to monitor the acoustic signals in case of exceeding the limits.
Advantages of the system (both modes):
Straight to the point training control, regardless of the actual status state of body, as in addition to the heart rate parameter the oxygen demand serves as control variable and therefore supports the final calculations.
Moreover and for the very first time it is possible to perform a complete spirometry measurement in the environment of real sports practice.
This means that runner run outdoors, skiers ski on the slopes, cyclists cycle on the road and perform their performance tests where they really want to train. This leads to unlike more realistic results than under studio conditions.

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500,000 EUR

funding goal

Project Rewards
€399 EUR + Shipping
Zone-X Headset
Zone - X headset included software for Android smartphone and tablet. A basic performance test for determining aerobic and anaerobic threshold
€499 EUR + Shipping
Zone-X Headset plus Jahresabo
Zone - X Headset incl . Android software, a year free unlimited number of performance tests , including analysis
€699 EUR + Shipping
Zone-X plus Phone Watch
Zone - X headset plus Phone Watch as a control unit , with SIM card as the phone used ( not included) , one year any number of performance tests included analyzes .

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