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Worth of water is a projects name to highlight the need for good water in poor communities. For many people who are marginalized do see the Worth of clean water many do not see the health Value. I have formed a group of interested helpers and called ourselves Living Water Development inc’. We have worked in East Africa, the Pacific, Thailand, and now Myanmar. I started my life as a humble plumber and took my skills to the worlds poor only to find a real use of natural practical talents. Then to deepen that skill I went back to study International & Humanitarian Development in Australia.
Better awareness and education in hygiene is the key for improved health. I have found that by way of community led activities genuine collaborative steps can be taken to lessen incidences of diarrheal infections. Communities have skills and team and I have activated those skills to assist the pressing need of clean wholesome and available water. With a simple innovation, called Biological Slow Sand filtration or BSF this can be achieved is most conditions. By way of a simple precast constructed ‘mould’ communities can build their own filters which last many years with proper use. The active filtering employs 4 natural methods of filtering using local ‘graveled sand.’

The simple skills needed are in most communities worldwide and this allows us time and relationship to discuss Health, Hygiene, and Sanitations issues that face day-to-day living. To sustain this a group called CAWST have created an APP to be used worldwide and free – BSF Video. Sustainability and good training is always a big challenge. Using this APP we can leave behind a clear message. At the moment it is only in French and English but we are to translate the cartoon lessons to Burmese & Bahasa soon.
We want to appeal to a wider audience for assistance. The BSF units cost $30-50 Usd in most communities and only take 1-3 days to training and manufacture. Will you come on our adventure and help us in any way you can.
Most poverty in the world can be stopped by way of neighbors and community working together. The key to stopping Diarrheal infections and compounding health issues is clean water with education. Water is the base pharmaceutical of humans and is a right for all to even start the basics of life and community.
For more information, please go to WORTH fo WATER campaign page.


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