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Win Or Booze – The Game You Cant Loose

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Win or Booze is the one game you can’t lose!
The game is simple, draw a card and follow the instructions. Each card has a unique rule on it that will task the player or players to do something. Some rules can be avoided by taking a drink, while others can only be avoided by finishing your drink.
In the end, we hope that Win or Booze will make any pregame, or even a friendly get together, more enjoyable than ever!
Please add $5 for shipping in the united states and  $10 for international
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Project Rewards
Pledge $5 or more
A Drunk Thank You Letter
To thank you for pledging, we will write you a nice thank you letter. But to show you how thankful we really are, we will write it while drunk.
Pledge $15 or more
Win or Booze Game
For a $15 pledge, you will receive one copy of the Win or Booze deck. The deck will be professionally printed and laser cut.
Pledge $20 or more
A Deck and Drunk Thank You Letter
For pledging $20, you will receive one Win or Booze deck as well as the handwritten thank you letter that we will write while drunk.
Pledge $100 or more
A Deck and a Drunk Thank You Call
For pledging $100, you will get two copies of the Win or Booze deck. Along with this deck, we will personally call you while drunk to thank you. Why would anyone do this? I don't know.

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