Whales in these poems take readers through the muddiness of humanisation but they do not sabotage the perceptions of pure wilderness.

Why Fund this Project

There is a great apathy and virtually no support for the South-Asian poets from the establishments in the publishing world, media or the British and American magazines. The Word Masala Foundation seeks to show that it is not due to the lack of talent. You will not only be supporting this ethos with extra funds raised but also will help conservation projects because 10% of its net fundraising will be distributed to whale conservation projects. With the two books offer, which we highly recommend, you will help further. If we do raise more, than please be assured the Foundation will fund competitions and awards.

‘There They Blow’

The request is based on committing 100 copies as a pre-sale at £8 X2 to include our second collection by the award-winning emerging poet and novelist Mona Dash+ £2PP=£1600+£200 P&P
After the costs, including royalties, all net funds will go to fund future activities by our NON-PROFIT Foundation, so we will remain in your debt for your support. Your extra generous support, if forthcoming, would mean that it will allow us a production of  a new Whale poetry film.

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funding goal

Project Rewards
Pledge £18 or more
Two books crowdfunded
A Certain Way by Mona Dash corwdfunded with this book saving £2. Order in multiples of needed more. Your name will be listed on an acknowledgement page in both books.
Pledge £54 or more
Free Word Masala Award Winners 2015
You will receive a free poetry anthology featuring amazing South-Asian poets who received the Word Masala Award at the House of Lords. Add extra postage as indicated.
Pledge £150 or more
6 copies each of three books
You will receive 6 copies of Whale, 6 copies of A Certain Way and 6 copies of Word Masala Award Winners 2015, plus special acknowledgement in Whale and A Certain Way.
Pledge £500 or more
You will receive five copies of a special edition with the extra page of dedication to be agreed with us. You will also receive 10 copies of three books mentioned earlier. You will be invited to attend and launch one of our books at the future event. You will also receive a sofa cushion with a poem.

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