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View this Project from Agaya Holdings is a Multilingual “Virtual City Street” where potential investors browse through details of every company list-ed in the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) to get a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each. It presents their Financials, and Indicators, which highlight important attributes, in a manner that facilitates easy comparison and ranking of companies, within a sector or across the board.
Our mission:
Our mission… Take Investment Knowledge to the grassroots of Sri Lanka communities. Give a better analysis tools to the retail investors and promote value in-vesting. Bridge the language gap to bring about wealth distribution and Socio-economic change at the grassroots of the Sri Lanka economy. Increase the participation in the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE)
Current Features Include the following

  • Ability to view financial data (Statement of Income and Statement of Financial Position) from annual and quarterly Reports in English, Sinhala and Tamil Languages

  • Ability to compare report data of two or more listed companies.

  • Predefined Indicators

  • Ability to define your Custom Indicators

  • Sector Comparisons based on Indicators

  • Custom Comparison based o Indicators

  • Graphical Charts for Indicator Comparisons

Current Work in Progress items

  • Refining of the User Interface to support Tablet Devices

  • Ranking based on Indicators

  • Advert Management

  • Subscription Management with Payment Gateway Integration

  • Multiple Exchange Support

  • Processing of Annual Reports for 2009, 2010 and 2015

  • Processing of Quarterly Reports

We are speeding up the roll-out time-frames with a target for the platform to be fully operational by April 2016.
The Impact
In Sri Lanka, the current stock market penetration is about 1% of the population. We believe reason for this include:

  • The language barrier, as almost all financial reports are in English and not in native languages

  • Lack of attention from Stock Brokers to small investors

  • Lack of domain knowledge to identify good investments.

The platform is available in native languages, to bridge the language divide. In addition people get the opportunity to do analysis on their own and draw their own conclusions on company performance. Further, with the tools we provided on the platform, the basic and intermediate domain knowledge that is required by a startup investor is provided by us.
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Perk 02 Plus 1 year Individual Subscription worth USD 80 to access for 1 person.
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Pledge USD 05 or more and be recognized as a founding community member on our website and Forums. You will be one of the founding community members who took a leap, and decided to support an organization and application that has a vision of empowering people to make a smart investment decisions.
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Comparative Benchmark Report - Benchmark your Partnership / Private Limited Company against any two (02) listed companies in Sri Lanka using our Standard Indicators
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Invitation to the Launch and Branding Pack
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Perk 02 plus 1 Year Enterprise Subscription worth USD 2,750.00 with 50 Subscription Accounts to access
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One Year license for a White labeled platform to be used with your own branding - good for brokerage Firms who want to run the system in-house.

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