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SEKEM has helped over 3000 children since 2010 and now they wish to start a new project and not only help the young ones but help the future of Egypt as well.
Egypt is facing huge environmental and social challenges. Yet the education system fails to equip youth with the ability to take initiative and live a self-determined life. They urgently need an educational transformation, and they need it fast! But changes like these, especially in the more remote regions of the world, don’t come over night and sometimes they don’t come cheap. SEKEM Environmental Science Center wishes to raise $20,000 to make that the transformation through its SEKEM Environmental Science Centre (SESC) and to initiate that change.
They already have $21,607 and with it they will equip a physics-, biology- and chemistry-lab, where the children will focus on renewable energy, water, food, and health. In addition, SESC strives to build an English- and computer-lab, where they can form relationships with children, teachers and experts from around the world.

The core group will invite experts that can work further on our integral education and learning model that springs from our rich Egyptian heritage to support these bright children with forming not only their future but the future of Egypt.
SESC is not intending to teach the children only “right and wrong”, but wants to help them to make their own decisions above all and not just to follow a doctrine.
SEKEM appreciates any kind of support, be it financial or simply by sharing this information.
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