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TrackLinq BAS is an all in one user friendly services application focused on providing a robust tracking and data linking solution.
Hello My name is Jeff Wall Lead Developer and Architect of TrackLinq Business Application Solutions for short Tracklinq BAS .
I’ve been in the IT services business for almost 30 years with a strong service oriented background, both on the client and customer side with strengths in issue resolution, T-SQL, C# and .Net architecture.
Throughout the years I have been blessed with the opportunity to work as both a client and as customer for many small, medium and large companies with hundreds of clients to well over 200 thousand clients. I developed and worked with many applications and databases designed to track client information utilizing many service tracking applications.
With that knowledge I came the realize that almost every application had many features that were lacking, not used or not required from the users and clients perspective. Unless the client was willing to shell out tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to have their tracking application custom built or modified to fit their individual requirements, the client just settles for what the application can do and lives with the shortcomings. As a result, these issues hinder productivity and create multiple work around. I was the go to guy to create the work around, create the needed and extra processes the tracking application could not handle.
About 18 months ago I began to develop TrackLinq BAS. Track for track client data and Linq for link all the data in a client friendly relational database.
I had two requirement: Requirement One: Create an user friendly web application that would not be tied down to any specific industry. I required that application to be client configurable and open. If the client needs an organizer, a instance tracking solution, Service tracking, Software development, A plumber, Heating and cooling, even a Veterinarian could benefit from TrackLinq BAS. Virtually any business that has customers and wants to track any and all client issues TrackLinq BAS is for you.
Requirement Two: all user data is linked together making data retrieval fast, meaningful and useful. If a feature is not in the current build you can bet it will be developed in the future. At Tracklinq BAS we believe if a clients idea or suggestion will improve our product we will develop it and share across our platform.

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