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Complete your style with a watch made from recycled waste wood and thus support the start-up Feel Wood! Thanks to you, we are committed to promoting WeWood brand in Switzerland.
This is the right opportunity to participate in this adventure and at the same time, have fun, while saving the planet.
Brand watches wooden WeWood, born in Italy, stands since 2009 with his creations full of freshness. All these watches are made from recycled waste wood. But that’s not all, the company, working with the American Forest, will plant a tree for every watch purchased by following the precepts of their slogan:“One watch, one tree, one planet.” It’s all about time.
Why choose a wooden WeWood watch
Because you want to be different from “madam / sir everyone” and you like to wear something original.
The wood used comes from the falls of firms working this material. Different species will therefore give natural colors in the thirty watch models: Verawood, teak, walnut, indian rosewood or maple.
The WeWood watches will be sold in Switzerland between CHF 125.- and 195.-.
Hypoallergenic and completely free of toxic and artificial materials, wood watches are as natural as your skin and can be easily ajoustées to meet your expectations.
The case and bracelet are made of wood. The watch glass is scratch-resistant mineral glass types. The movement is Japanese quartz Miyota and have an incomparable lightness between 23 and 62 grams.
All WeWood Guarantee 2 years.

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CHF 5,000

funding goal

Project Rewards
CHF 5.-
I'm already part of the adventure : a huge THANK YOU to the facebook page Swiss WeWood with my name and surname !
CHF 12.-
I like the idea and that is why I support this project with a dozen francs. READ MORE
CHF 40.-
I would love a wooden watch, but for now I have only CHF 40.- on me. READ MORE
CHF 50.-
I like the woods ... I will receive a wooden USB KEY Credit card format with custom engraving "THANK YOU my Name , WeWood "
CHF 93.-
Not bad these wooden watches for women " Criss ". READ MORE
CHF 97.-
I like WeWood unisex watches "Date" . READ MORE
CHF 135.-
" Assunt " ... my love ... I will choose from two models: beige or nut READ MORE
CHF 145.-
I'm crazy for " Kappa ". I will choose among three unisex models : chocolate , army or nut READ MORE
CHF 155.-
I love ... I love WeWood " Kardo ". I will choose among three unisex models: beige , army or nut READ MORE
CHF 200.-
I can not decide ... I prefer to think and receive a voucher worth CHF 230.- READ MORE
CHF 400.-
Like all watches ... I will receive a voucher of CHF 440.- READ MORE
CHF 800.-
I am a true FAN ... I will receive a voucher worth CHF 860.- + wooden USB KEY READ MORE

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