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Let us make your wedding album or holidays photo book.

We know it all ……. You have beautiful pictures of a fantastic holiday, 25 wedding anniversary, birthday (grand) child or a lovely weekend away, but you don’t come to it to do anything with those pictures. Every time you think “next weekend I’m really going to work on it”. But then there will be something in between and before you know several weeks if not months passed and your photos are still safe in your camera or put away on your hard drive.
Then here is the solution ……..


Sent us your prescious photos and we love te create an amazing photo book for you. Most people are to busy to make a photo book of their own but they would like to share their holiday adventures with their friends and family. Now they tell a story and show some photo’s from their cell phone. Wouldn’t it be nice to show instead a spectaculair photo book?
De FotoboekenSpecialist makes really beautiful wedding and holiday photo books. Our slogan is: eye for detail. That’s why all our customers are very happy and enthusiastic about their photo book or wedding album. On defotoboekenspecialist.nl you can read reviews from our customers and look at more example’s.
The customer can compose a personal book. For example they can choose for a leather ( more then twenty different colors) book cover, number of pages, matt or gloss, quality of the photo paper they want etc.

We also supply photo boxes and suitcases.


We started last september and the people are very enthusiastic. We want to make the next step and create for more people a wonderfull photo book. With a new computer we can install beter photo editing programs and make even more beautiful photo books. We have also been approached by a publisher in the Netherlands and they would like to start a campaign about my business in February. This is an real big opportunity.
All the work we do happens on a very old and slow computer. We would like to buy a new computer so that we can make more books in the same time. We would also like to buy a small server. The customers have to send their pictures now by We Transfer but this takes a long time to upload and download. With a small server of our one the client can send us their pictures instantly and we can start right away with editing.
We hope we can buy the computer and server before february so that we can make a big succes out of our campaign.
For more information you are invited to visit our website defotoboekenspecialist.nl
Thank you for your time and interest and we hope that you like this project and will support us.
With kind regards,
Mary Ann van Santen.

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Pledge €50 or more
Photo Book
We make a fantastic Photo Book for you of 15 pages.
Pledge €75 or more
Photo Book
We make a fantastic photo book for you of 20 pages
Pledge €100 or more
Photo Book
We make a fantastic photo book for you of 25 pages
Pledge €150 or more
Photo Book
We make a fantastic photo book for you of 30 pages. Delivered in a luxury storage box.
Pledge €200 or more
Photo Book
We make a fantastic photo book for you of 40 pages. Delivered in a luxury storage box.

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