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Begin the adventure of a lifetime with this book project by international traveller, adventurer and author Jason Rawles. Aptly titled “The One Stop Book for the Everyday Adventure,” this book is an exploration of how adventures are for everybody and you too can join in. Jason makes adventure a reality for those dreaming of trips across the globe, spanning cultures, languages and nationalities. The book is an engaging and useful guide for making your dream adventure part of real life, currently seeking £12,000 in funds for a launch.

Jason is an international traveller with years of experience, spanning the jungles of Borneo to ice climbing in the Arctic. Having spent 42 years travelling across the globe, he seeks to free people from limitations and overcome obstacles to have adventures of their own. For those seeking inspiration and adventure, nothing could be more exciting than to be part of this project.
Rather than looking at adventure in terms of competitive records, it seeks to chronicle the wonders of a walk across the shores or a lake to an urban exploration that captures the thrill of adventure seeking right in your own country. Connect to take this book a step forward with amazing adventures to set you free, starting out on journey towards everyday exploration and discovery.
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Project Rewards
Pledge £10
TOP TEN ADVENTURE TIPS! My top ten everyday adventurer tips in a PDF document.
Pledge £15
Pledge £20
Pledge £25
SIGNED COPY OF BOOK and invite to the launch party (North Wales).
Pledge £50
SIGNED COPY OF BOOK, invite to the launch party READ MORE​
Pledge £100
THE ADVENTURER PACKAGE! Signed copy of the book, READ MORE​
Pledge £250
GUIDED WALK WEEKEND! For you and 3 guests. READ MORE​
Pledge £250
SCRAMBLING WEEKEND! For you and 3 guests. READ MORE​
Pledge £250
WILD CAMPING WEEKEND! A weekend of wild camping READ MORE​
Pledge £500
MOTIVATIONAL TALKS! Jason to deliver a motivational talk READ MORE​
Pledge £1,000
BRAND PACKAGE! Logo in the book dedicated to your brand and it's value proposition. READ MORE​
Pledge £2,000
EVEREST BASE CAMP PACKAGE! 1 x space on JR Everest Base Camp expedition in April 2018 (excludes flights). READ MORE​
Pledge £150

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