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Documentary about medieval male sports and gender bias. Has it advanced/changed in the modern era?
The Lady of The Knight is a contributor led documentary, which will explore the medieval sport of jousting. Through this documentary, we will learn how jousting has now developed from its medieval roots, to where it is now in the modern era, and how it is still developing even today into potentially an Olympic Sport.
Liam Taylor (Project creator) is a Television Production student. Liam is looking to create a documentary about women in medieval sport, more specifically in jousting. Liam says “I freelance in a variety of roles with a ton of production experience behind me on a variety of cameras including: RED’s, FS7, FS700, Canon C300, C100, XF305’s, XHA1, and assorted DSLR’s. I use Premiere Pro to edit and also have experience on Avid. I also have testimonials from and have worked for: the BBC, Nokia, Zurich, Now TV (Sky), The Ministry of Sound, Honda and many more.”
This project has great potential to help expose potential prejudice and to explore a story of modern gender bias. In a world where feminism and equality are hot topics, it’s time to take these stories forward into the public eye. I want this to real and human, I want people to see this inequality or in some cases equality, to show the progress and how things can still move forward.
In the creator’s own words: The female jouster I aim to focus my pilot on is called Nikki Willis. I aim to tell her story, look into what it means to be a medieval jouster and explore the potential gender bias she has endured and recently overcome by participating in a female jousting event. Visually, I am aiming to interview in front of a jousting field or in front of ancient ruins or a historic building depending on availability of the sites and in her home. I aim to introduce Nikki through the editing and shooting style of MTV’s Pimp My Ride as it’d be very different and eye catching opening. To achieve this I intend to shoot her in several power positions (in a stance indicating confidence/pride) with a lot of slider shots showing off her and her horse. For one scene I also plan to reconstruct digitally a jousting arena in 3D.
Another person I am aiming to have in this documentary, is Emily Sewell at English Heritage. She is the one who made the decision to allow female jousters to partake in the tournament at Kenilworth Castle this summer.
One specific story I am aiming to tell through Crowdfunding, (to pay for the cost of transporting her and accommodating her from Oman), is of one female Australian Knight who is now in Oman. She moved due to being ostracised from the Australian Jousting community. She has world wide renown, but is unable to enter her home countries tournaments due to her gender. I’ll also tell the story of Nikki, who is the the first official Woman Jouster in the UK to be accepted into a tournament. I think this is an important story to tell, it’s undiscovered and potentially there is bias towards women that shouldn’t exist in modern society.
With your help, I could expose this and explore the Australian Jouster’s story and see if there is any of the same here in the UK.
Here’s a few videos from myself to show what I’ve produced before:
2015 Showreel (Various work from 2015)
Just Matthew – Forget Official Music Video (Filmed in Cheltenham on a Red Scarlet)
Do You Love Someone – Grouplove Music Video (Filmed on a C300 in Swindon, I did some running and camera assisting)
Harley Davidson Competition Promo 1 (Filmed on an FS7)
Harley Davidson Competition Promo 2 (Filmed on an FS7)
100 Years of Stonehenge documentary (Filmed on an FS7)
Crep Protect Commerical (Filmed on a Red Epic)
Liam Taylor has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising £5,250 in order to provide transportation for several contributors to come and tell their stories, to feed them and accommodate them in the UK, to pay for transport costs to get around the UK and film more footage and for equipment.
You’ve read this far. You’re ready to support. THANK YOU! But everyone loves perks. Take a look at what they’ve got to offer!
Thank you so much for any help you’re able to give. And please forward this campaign to anyone you think may be interested and willing to help.
Have a look at the Indiegogo link below for more information:–2#/


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The personal approach. I will message you, or phone you (UK calls only) to thank you personally for helping to fund my documentary. You will also receive backers-only detailed updates throughout this project.
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You, as a part of the Kingdom with your own fief, will have a say in this court's proceedings. You will get to submit ideas to me to consider to use. You could shape this documentary, tell the stories you want to tell, because you helped me to pay for the costs to bring these peoples stories to the screen. I will do all I can to bring your ideas to the screen, but please keep them realistic. You will also receive all previous rewards.
£500 GBP + Shipping
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As the Companion of the King & Queen, you will train to become a fearless Knight. You will have an experience day learning every aspect of what it means to be a Knight! I'll even film you on your experience day (optional) and you will receive all the previous rewards.
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You get to represent your house in court proceedings. Your businesses banner will be shown at the tournament much like at a football arena & your business will also receive a star credit in the film.
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