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“I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.”


To carry out the mission of our clients while preserving the integrity of both our company and partners and the core values we stand for.”

“To use my diverse background in both dog training and animal law enforcement to educate a new generation of dog owners. To utilize new and innovative education technology to preserve the lives of both people and animals. To help everyday people understand the responsibilities that come with having a canine family member and provide access to the tools essential for long-term success”.

PETSYNC Education Services provides e-learning solutions through a subscription model on topics ranging from the basics of pet ownership, to how to approach and work with dogs and engage with the dog loving public while on the job. The Company offers e-learning courses for utility workers, postal carriers, insurance personnel, law enforcement and property management individuals .

Starting with “The Guide to Responsible Dog Ownership” E-Learning series the company plans to offer both in-person and online services for dog owners, utility workers, postal carriers, insurance personnel, law enforcement and property management individuals.

PETSYNC’s Guide to responsible dog ownership E-learning Series is a learning module that employs 3D images and animations, dynamic scenes, interactive assessments and links to external resources, as well as customized downloadable documents.

This E-learning Series uses HTML5 technologies which allows the course to be displayed on personal computers as well as on mobile devices without the need to install native applications.

PETSYNC Education Services was looking for a way to deliver their Path to Responsible Dog Ownership series to a wide audience and in a more engaging medium than a paper pamphlet.

  • Developed in HTML5, utilises a responsive design, allowing the course to be displayed on desktops as well as mobile devices without the need to install native applications.
  • Effect use of 3D images and animations, dynamic scenarios, interactive assessments,
  • Provides links to external resources and customisable documents that learners can download for their specific community allowing for a more customised, interactive, and appealing approach
  • A ‘multiplex’ menu system gives the learner access to information in a variety of ways and ability to choose either the immersive scenario-based E-Learning experience or a quicker and more direct avenue to both the learning material and quizzes.
  • 3d virtual environment lets learners can pan around and zoom in and out of the environment, click on areas to explore more in pop-ups, use sign-posts in the virtual park to navigate and manipulate elements
  • Includes an integrated glossary and expressive dialogue
  • Has a gaming feel using fun avatars for the people and dogs

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$5 USD
PETSYNC Mobile App The PETSYNC App provides valuable resources for dog owners when they need them most. Find the nearest dog trainer, animal hospital, animal law enforcement agency, animal attorney, licensed behaviorist and many other resources by pressing a single button. The app also gives users EXCLUSIVE access to PETSYNC's E-Learning portal.

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