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I will not give up, I will not give in. Our campaign for NADOTI.com continues. We have not added any new content links. Lets all look forward to offering our own content similar to what we offer now. In the near future artist will be able to upload and sell their content, while users enjoy trying and conversing about it before purchasing.
A telecommunications option. I am currently a law student at Western New England School of Law. I have a passion for films, music, games, and communicating.
NADOTI.com is campaigning for the funds it needs to have the second phase of the website built. The second phase will allow people to upload videos, music, and games. This is the stage where we will solicit subscribers and entice them to continue to support us.
We are a few hardworking people. We are in the process of starting something great. Helping us with NADOTI.com it is tantamount to helping NASA send a rocket ship into space. THE WORLD NEEDS NADOTI.com!
We would like to tell our contributors why they should contribute and inspire their passion.

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nadodi aut 1Michael Simpson
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I am Michael Kirby Simpson a Television / Film major with an Option in Telecommunications. I attend Western New England University School of Law. I started NADOTI.com with classmates
who went on to bigger and better projects. I love the idea of international communication about international media.

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$5 USD
NADOTI.com decal
This is a chance of a lifetime you won't always be able to get one of these so please get them while you can. They were especially designed for NADOTI.com on special sticky paper so that you may stick them on your computer. Please notice our logo that is how it looks. A black background with multi-colored image and text.

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