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An original fishing game, inspired by TV series: control of your vessel, watch the port life and your crew, sail at day or night.
An original game of fishing, inspired by the famous TV series: take control of your vessel, watch the port life, watch your crew, sail at day or night and handle the sea giants… However, be careful with unexpected events or the cemetery will fill up soon with tombstones!

The Game  
The Fisherman is an innovative game of fishing, a blend of action game, simulator of life and management game. Born from the passion for fishing and drawing inspiration from many TV series dedicated to this world, The Fisherman allows the player to take command of a vessel (initially a basic one) and go to the open sea. Once you have taken the equipment and enrolled the crew in the bar of the small harbor, you can begin living the life on board and in the harbor. It is possible to give orders to your crew and observe the life on board, before, during and after the release of the buoys in the high seas.
The game begins in the base harbor, the water and the sound will bring your mind to a real harbor to give you that feeling of freedom that is the purpose of the game. You can observe the people on the pier, gulls, the wobble of the boat. Before you leave you need to hire the crew, a cost issue for an entrepreneur… You find the sailors in the bar of the pier. Choose who bring with you, pay them and take everything you need on your boat, then you are ready to leave.
The life in the sea is not simple; your crew will be subjected to considerable stress during fishing, the release of the buoys and their recovery. For this reason it is good not to forget to order the crew to relax during the fisheries in order to avoid accidents at sea that can lead to the loss of a man, or worse, of the entire boat. The night might be the best time for fishing, the fisherman manages the day/night cycle. If you open the app at 8pm it will be already evening…
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Order to release the buoys with hooks in the sea, then put the crew at ease, waiting for the right moment to begin collecting and discover what you caught in the deep waters of the ocean… Observe your crew play on the boat, watch TV, use the pc, relax in the moments preceding the recovery of the baits… You cannot see well what they are doing? Zoom on the boat to better see what happens on board. After all, you are the owner of the boat!
Once the baits have been collected, let’s see what you got! Maybe a giant tuna or swordfish, be careful with sharks, as they do damage and remember that in the high seas, in the depths of the ocean, you never know what you can take on board…better bring a weapon with you.
A man ends up in the sea? Are you in danger? Send an SOS and the coastguard will try to reach you in helicopter before the disaster happens. If the rescue fails… There is an excellent cemetery in the city, where you can go to find all the captains and crew that you have managed in fisheries. This and much more is The Fisherman, expected for iOS and Android.

• Handling of events with event cards during fishing and goodies cards every 24 hours

• Management of day and nighttime • Onboard crew lives in complete autonomy, observe what happens and what they do

• Different types of vessel

• Three different locations for fishing, from your native town to the most remote ports and seas…

• The game is independent from the player, goes on on its own but do not ignore the crew!

• The game is released for free with possible in-app purchases (these do not limit the game)

The variety of fish is already considerable, with your help we can make it outstanding… We already have fish such as swordfish, tuna, different categories of sharks, fish of the ocean depths and real sea monsters! Every trip to the sea will carry a nice surprise…

The event cards
When you go to sea you know… Everything can happen, especially accidents if the stress factor is high… During each trip an event card will tell you what happens and we must act accordingly. What could happen in a quiet night above the dark ocean depths? At the same time, every 24 hours a goodies card will make you a gift, a signalling rocket for the coastguard, a tv on board, a lifebuoy, a rifle… Hoping not to have to use it on board…

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Roberto Lombardo

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I am a videogame developer, i love the world of videogame, my first computer it was C64, then Amiga, Megadrive, pc, Playstation and now all type of smartphone and tablet. My favorite game is my first videogame developed called “the Fish Files” for Nintendo Game Boy Color and Advanced.

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you are one of our supporters, you believe as we do in the game and look forward to get the masterpiece for free on your iOS or Android device.
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you are going to be part of a poster that you will receive at home listing all the names of the donors, in quality of Captain
Pledge €20 or more
In addition to the poster you will receive the game preview on your iOS or Android to give your feedback
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official betatester inserted on the website, your name will be present on the official website of the game. You will receive the poster of the game autographed by the developers with dedication and a printed manual of the perfect fisherman
Pledge €200 or more
You will receive the printed manual of the perfect fisherman with tips and info on the game, your name will appear in the credits of the game. You will be active collaborator with the team for tips on new releases and updates: you will be part of the team.
Pledge €1,000 or more
Developer, you are one of us: we will put in the game your boat or make it according to your instructions with the name and/or logo that you want, your ship will be used by all the players of the platform. What better advertisement to impress? In addition, you will have an active role on the game design and on the updates of the game: you are in the development team! Of course you will receive the poster with dedication and the manual of the perfect fisherman.

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