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A new brand name scented nail polish top coat!
Introducing This Amazing Product to the Nail Industry to Tingle the Taste Buds of our Noses. With a smooth application quick dry top coat is eco-friendly for women who are pregnant and will give your nails that sparkle shine; natural, gels and acrylic nails. It’s a high end quality designed product with a modest cost.


Pre-sale purchase $35 FOR ALL SIX SCENTS

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Hi I’m Sylvia W. Allen, minority owner of Sylvideo Productions, LLC.-the Future. I developed Syntilicious in 2013 to eliminate the awful smell of nail polish with the most popular scents from our natural sense of taste reducing chemical smells. I’m very excited to launch this new brand with you as a new client, supporter and backer for these reasons it dries quickly, eliminates that chemical nail polish odor with your favorite scents; pineapple, cherry, grape, chocolate, strawberry or tangerine.


‘Syntilicious’ is eco-friendly for women who are pregnant, shines all nail bases natural, gels and acrylic nails. It’s a high end brand with an affordable cost. I take great pride in the services and products I create under the Sylvideo Productions Brand with integrity and tenacity that is why with all the products I create, attached is the gift of giving back.

This campaign will be the gift that keeps giving because 5% of the funds raised will be donated to the Lustgarten Foundation-NYC, for Pancreatic Cancer Research. This Foundation is close to my heart in honor of my mother Celia E. Allen who passed away from PC after a 9 month battle. I get my strength and tenacity from her. Love you Mama!


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