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Hello Clubbies! My name is Cynthia and my eight year old son name is Sy.
We started his YouTube channel “Syclubhouse” one year ago because he had severe asthma and allergies which prevented him from playing outside. Sy enjoyed doing candy, unboxing toys reviews, and science experiment videos. But most of all he enjoyed creating a character named Agent Sy Silver for his kid spy videos. His videos have been viewed more than 800,000 times. Agent Sy Silver is a do gooder, his mission is to protect the future and turn misbehaving kids back to good behaving kids.  His fans loves his videos but they wanted more action for his Spy character. Sy and I decided to write a book based on his Spy Character Agent Sy Silver which is partially based on Sy’s real life, but with more action pack and heroism, of course! The book is just the beginning. After the launch of the book, we will be creating a whole line of Sy Silver products.



The Birth of Sy Silver is a kid named Sy known around school as the “Special Kid” because he doesn’t get to go outside much due to his asthma and allergies. He discoveries a Chinese doctor offering to cure his asthma by way of Acupuncture, so he thinks. When Sy turns 10 years old he will gain special powers through the doctors Acupuncture procedure. The doctor reveals who he really is and why he came to this dimension to help Sy protect the kids. The blue sand storm came to Sy’s city to turn all the good kids to evil.  The Chinese doctor transforms Sy to Agent Sy Silver on his 10-year-old birthday.  Agent Sy Silver mission is to track down all the evil kids affected by the blue sand and turn them back good. If he fells at his mission the future kids are doomed.


When we started writing “Syclubhouse Adventures” we had no idea of the costs involved in producing and self-publishing. Which is quite different from producing YouTube videos. We certainly learned a lot in the process.
Your contribution and pre-orders will help and is necessary for us to get this book made. The funds will go towards development, copy-editing, proofreading, cover, formatting, digital conversion, online marketing, printing, PR/Media, and other fees.

  • Editing and Copy-Editing
  • Cover Design and Illustration
  • Formatting and Digital Conversion
  • ISBN
  • Online Marketing
  • Printed Marketing Materials
  • PR and Media Publicity
  • Book Website Setup and Design
  • Printing Production
  • Traveling  Book Tour Fees
  • Indiegogo and Paypal fees


The Impact

3 Great Reasons To Support Our Campaign

  • You’ll help us raise a new generation of superhero’s kid spies
  • Agent Sy Silver is a do gooder kid spy, his mission is to turn misbehaving kids back to good behaving kids.
  • Kids 8 -13 years old will have their own Super Hero Kid to look up to and want to emulate.
  • You’ll enjoy some spy mission perks including, ebook, copies of the book, printable membership card, spy letter, and get an opportunity to name a character.


Risks & Challenges

The book is ready to go to the editors; all we need are your funds to make that happen. We can send the order right after being funded. Production of the book will take 4-8 weeks but as with any publishing project there can be unforeseen delays or setbacks. We will work our hardest to get this book and perks into your hands on time and keep everyone updated if there are any setbacks to our estimated schedule.

Other Ways You Can Help

Not everyone can financially contribute, we completely understand
But you can contribute to Syclubhouse in other ways:

  • You can share this campaign among your networks and contacts.
  • Get your kids to watch Sy’s Youtube videos.
  • Spread the word at your Church, Kids School, or Library.
  • You could pledge in-kind support. Maybe you run a local printing firm, you could offer free printing, for a run of A5 advertising cards?
  • Perhaps you run an internet radio station and can offer free online/broadcasting support by advertising the campaign?
  • Perhaps you’re a local business that could offer your services for free during the launch party?
  • Maybe you’d be willing to hold a bake sale or a collection tin in your business?
  • Perhaps you may want to use the Indiegogo Share Tools too Share, Share, Share!

Don’t be shy drop the campaign a line with you support offers and ideas.It would be great to hear from you. And that’s all there is to it.

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funding goal

Project Rewards
$5 USD
Thank you Syclubhouse Clubby this is what you will receive for your contribution. A personal shout-out on Syclubhouse Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) page. Along with a downloadable Official SIS (Syclubhouse International Spies) Membership Card.
$10 USD
Thank you Syclubhouse Spy Baby for your contribution! You will receive everything the previous perk offered PLUS: a personalized Secret Spy letter sent to your child signed by Sy Silver, and a Digital Copy of the book.
$25 USD
Thank you Syclubhouse Spy Junior for your contribution! You will receive everything the previous perk offered PLUS: Digital copy of the book, and a signed paperback copy.
$50 USD
Thank you Syclubhouse Spy Mama for your contribution! You will receive everything the previous perk offered PLUS: 2 more Secret Spy letters, 2 signed paperback copies, and mentioned on the website.
$100 USD
Thank you Syclubhouse Spy Daddy for your contribution! You will receive everything the previous perk offered PLUS: 3 more signed paperback copies to give the book everyone you like, mentioned in the book under Contributors, and an invitation to the launch party.
$1000 USD
Thank you Syclubhouse Name a character Spy for your contribution! You will receive everything the previous perk offered PLUS: a total of 10 signed copies, Name a Character in book 2 (name approval), Sy Silver T-shirt, and a Skype call.
$5000 USD
Thank you Syclubhouse Corporate Sponsor for your contribution! You will receive everything the previous perk offered PLUS: I honestly don't know what we would do if you contributed as a Corporate Sponsor! Let's talk about what you want!!

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