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It’s Flo here…. the shortie next to me with her funny ears is my sister Forti…. her name is originally Fortuna but it really sounds like no 40.
So Forti and Me would like to tell you why we are here today.

Mommy and Daddy need to go overseas for 3 months as Daddy’s Daddy had an operation so he can’t do much and he needs Mommy’s and Daddy’s help.
Mommy said we can’t travel with them as dogs have died in the hold of the airplane on long hauls and we are nearly 10 years old and suffer random epilepsy.
We can’t stay at the family as they are all “cat people” and those cats don’t like us……and some of those cats are even bigger than us……..and those people have no dog-proof fences either.
So Mommy said we have to stay with the lady who’s got that nice garden and other dogs stay with her too. We do like staying with that lady…..we get nice walks, loads of cuddles and belly rubs……and tons of doggie biscuits. She knows how to handle our epilepsy fits, even allows us to sleep wherever we like…..and she never bath us like Mommy does…..we hate having a bath!
Forti and Me see that Mommy stresses a lot what’s gonna happen with us and how they are going to finance our stay as being away from work for this long to help the family is very difficult financially.
This is our Mommy with us….few years back.

This is us with Daddy……we love Daddy……he’s a big bear…..he always lets us jumping on his belly and we always try to lick his face. That’s fun.

Daddy doesn’t know about that we started this campaign as we want to surprise him with our help to get some of the cost funded by kind and generous people.
Forti and Me would appreciate any help and in return we would like to offer our signed photograph sent by email. We know we’ll be famous soon so one day that photo will be worth as gold.
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