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I’m starting a music magazine.
Stupid is a print publication about the music we love, and the ways we’re experiencing it.
Stupid started out as a working title, borne from the pure frustration of trying to define the shape this thing was going to take. As in, “the stupid magazine project that’s stopping me sleeping.”
Stupidis a new magazine for readers down to embrace their love of pop in all its ridiculous glory. Preparations for Issue 001 (our prototype) are well underway, but to carry it over the finish line we need your help.
Pop music is important. No art form is more widely enjoyed by the human race than music, and there’s no form of music more widely enjoyed than pop. Like it or not, you still can’t deny that it’s unmistakablythere. It’s the soundtrack to all of our lives.
Our mission is to create the ultimate reading experience for today’s unabashed pop fan. How? By gathering contributions from a diverse, world-class team of writers who are just as obsessed with music as we are and publishing their words in a beautiful, tactile, keep-it-forever print magazine. And by having a really excellent puzzle page.
Some of the goals for STUPID are:

  • To publish insightful, thought-provoking content written by a diverse pool of world-class writers who are experts in their field.
  • To build a culture grounded in treating contributors and collaborators with respect. That means open lines of communication, a willingness to admit mistakes and learn from them and fair payment for all contributors.
  • To take a flexible approach to business model, and share the lessons learned along the way to help others in the print publication space.
  • To have a really excellent puzzle page.

We’re all about transparency and sharing what we’re learning along the way. Stupid Magazine 001 will only be available in print, but we’ll be blogging frequently about everything from print costs to publishing tools. We’re staying flexible about business model, bringing you a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to grow an independent music media company.
About Project Creator:

Holly Knowlman

Stupid Magazine’s Founder and Editor. Holly is a writer, producer and award-winning communications strategist. She’s worked with music festivals, art galleries and tech startups, but if she could choose to be anything at all, she’d pick being the editor of an offbeat, pseudo-academic music magazine that uses pop as a lens for exploring the human condition.

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Project Rewards
Pledge $10 or more
"The Friend" Kick in a tenner and help set Stupid on the road to success. $10 buys a hearty meal for a hungry magazine editor, and we'll give you a shout-out in the magazine to say thanks! (We'll also give you first dibs on any remaining copies of 001 once we've fulfilled our backer orders.)
Pledge $25 or more
"The Standard Backer" Pick the most popular pledge on Kickstarter and guarantee you'll get your hands on Stupid 001. This is our prototype issue, which means a single print run and a limited number of copies. We'll deliver it right to your door, wherever you are in the world. Plus, when you open it up you'll find your name inside on a list of awesome people that helped make Stupid happen. (We'll also send you an "I'm With Stupid" sticker for you to stick absolutely anywhere you like.) Shipping in Canada is included.
Pledge $75 or more
"The Subscriber" Witness the evolution of Stupid and help make independent music media happen by becoming one of our first ever subscribers. You'll get all the rewards listed in "The Contributor" along with copies of Stupid 002 & 003. (We already know the theme for 002 and have two amazing interviews in the bag, just FYI)
Pledge $150 or more
"The Contributor" Stupid is 100% committed to paying all its contributors. Back Stupid at this level and your cash will go straight into the pocket of one of our amazing writers, illustrators or photographers. In return, you'll get: - Everything listed in the "Standard Backer" package - An "I'm With Stupid" t-shirt - 2x tickets to the Stupid 001 Launch Party - An extra sticker (at least one extra)
Pledge $500 or more
"The Board Member" Into building tech companies? Interested in media startups? Get insider access to Stupid and let's figure out some cool ways we can work together.
Pledge $1,000 or more
"The Media Philanthropist" Ever thought philanthropy would look good on you? Now's your chance to try it on for size. You'll get everything that a "Board Member" backer gets, plus something extra special just for you.
Pledge $8,000
KIDDING. But. If you don't ask, then you definitely don't get. Right? Inspiring outcomes guaranteed.

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