Time To Stand Tall

Standing Tall is an entirely new action adventure story of epic scope and magnitude. Drawing upon both modern life and gritty realism, Standing Tall follows the after-effects and fallout of our anti-hero’s exploits as he unleashes his own unique approach to saving the day.
Issue 1, Money Money Money, opens with Kidd near to the start of his adventure; look forward to following him as he not only begins to find himself, but also as he sets his feet firmly upon the path that begins to open up before him.
But just who is Kidd? Some people are born into power, others grow into it. Homeless for as long as he can remember and with no knowledge of his previous life, the boy who christened himself ‘Kidd’ survived his formative years by stumbling and scrounging between gutter and wastebin. Possessing a natural talent for problem solving, the story begins to tantalizingly unravel exactly who he is, where he is originally from, and what, exactly, he has planned for those who Stand in his way!
A corrupt and dangerous cesspit, the City in which he lives is a dangerous place for anyone who lives there, but most especially for the downtrodden and exploited lower classes. Although about to experience unfathomable changes to their structure, the city’s social classes are split into three main groups:
The Replete – the rich and powerful; greedy, merciless, and corrupt beyond redemption.
The Proles – the overworked and self-absorbed; lifeless drones who endlessly toil for their masters.
The Unwashed – the homeless vagrants; those who do not fit neatly into societies strictures.
Our story unfolds with Kidd ‘Standing Tall’ to the life that people know and beginning to fight for the cause that he believes in. Releasing the pent up powers that had – until now – been held in check, he soon learns that he can earn a good wage with his newfound abilities. Making a conscious choice to become a vigilante, he soon becomes renowned for the merciless and unorthodox ways in which he works.
A truly flawed hero, he has nothing but his own skewed conscience and ruthless determination to keep him going. The scum who is now the anti-hero, the torturer who has become the tortured, the weakling who has unleashed newfound power and strength; Kidd becomes a homeless man who could potentially want for nothing, yet never seems to spend a penny on himself. Who exactly provides his paycheck, how does he earn it, and what does he do with it? But most importantly, why has Kidd chosen to walk the cataclysmic road that he is?!?
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