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Spread the thread – steal your heart is a global campaign for creating and selling quality musical records, by Pam Taylor, a multi-talented American roots Musician. Invigorating and soul soothing songs are composed by Pam and are handcrafted into bestselling records, with experienced and professional musicians rendering a lustrous finish with high-end musical instruments. The aim of Pam Taylor is to spread the magical charm of music across the world, by touring and delivering entertaining musical performances with a live and crackling band.
Spread the thread – This enchanting quality of music was what that attracted Pam, when she chose music over a mundane corporate career. Ever since, Pam has been traversing the globe, healing, cleansing and redeeming dark lives and enabling them to witness the divine light at the end of the tunnel.​

The passionate endeavor is not attached to any particular big record label brand and has been an independent journey so far. This funda of Spread the Thread enables worldwide music lovers to take an emphatic departure from convention, as they can listen to music of their choice and not the soul-stripped rhythms found in commercial music records. Spread the Thread releases music from its commercial confinement and spreads the predominant quality of music- love. The funding will be used for footing the expenses of the band, tour, promotions and upkeep of musical instruments. Both monetary and non monetary contributions are welcome. Music lovers, by backing the campaign can help spread-the-thread of music and its healing qualities to emancipate the world from the clutches of woes, misfortunes and anguishes. ​
For more information, please visit Spread The Thread Campaign page:​


funding goal

Project Rewards
$50 USD + Shipping
Fran Bundle
You will receive an autographed CD, limited edition shirt and digital download.
$1 USD
Hug Lover Fran
Hugs are normally free at my shows but they wouldn't let me put $0 as an option so for one buck, READ MORE
$25 USD + Shipping
You will receive a signed copy of Steal Your Heart by yours truly
$35 USD
Spread The Thread Duds
You will receive a limited edition "Spread the Thread"READ MORE
$35 USD + Shipping
Audiophile Fran
For that special audiophile Fran who wants to hear the snap crackle and pop.
$44 USD + Shipping
Lyrical Fran
Pick your song and I will hand write it on pretty paper and sign it for you.
$50 USD + Shipping
Super Fran
You will receive a signed copy of my first release, READ MORE
$55 USD + Shipping
Phone a Fran
Ask me anything Need some advice? Want to know something personal? READ MORE
$75 USD + Shipping
Super Duper Fran
Get a signed copy of all 3 CD's! You will receive a copy of Stolen Hearts READ MORE
$100 USD
String Bender Fran
You will receive an hour guitar lesson from me! I was mentored by the fabulous blues woman Debbie Davies READ MORE
$100 USD
Songwriter Fran
Let's write a song together!
$200 USD + Shipping
Hot Mess Super Duper Fran
Be a HOT MESS with these custom Converse Sneaker made in a women's READ MORE
$250 USD
Serenade a Fran
I will personally pen a song just for you on any subject you desire then record it and send you the mp3. READ MORE
$800 USD
House Party Fran (Acoustic)
I will come to your home or place of your choosing, and play a 90 min acoustic show where I tell stories and share my songs, READ MORE
$5000 USD
Executive Producer Fran
With this mack daddy perk, you will get your name in the liner notes as executive producer, READ MORE
$20000 USD
If one of you magical people out there decide to back my whole campaign READ MORE

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