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The wet tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area is set to lose its most iconic bird, the prehistoric and now threatened and endangered Southern Cassowary. Known by the scientific name Casuarius casuarius johnsonii, this is a rare species at the mercy of developers, clearing of the habitat and encroaching urbanization. Will the cost of development claim the Southern Cassowary? The home of the cassowary, the Wet Tropics lies alongside the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and attracts 1.6 million people each year, contributing to both economy and ecology. Female cassowaries, male of the species and the chicks are threatened most by road accidents. But now, the Spotted Wild app developing on iOS and Android Platforms is securing the bioregion and initiating driver safety to save the Southern Cassowary.
The road warning system uses hands-free voice recognition technology, enabling users to record cassowary sightings and alert others of road hazards. This software will be a catalyst for cassowary as well as driver safety saving straying cattle, fallen trees or marine mammals. Even with 10 percent uptake by visitors and locals, critical data will be provided on location and habits of the massive solitary birds. Profits from this app will go towards rainforest conservation and rehabilitation. Encouraging citizen science and conservation that is proactive rather than reactive can make a difference to the Southern Cassowary. A multi-platform, user-friendly app reaches around USD 70,000. Funds will be used for investing in one of the greatest legacies of Queensland– its pristine natural beauty and timeless creatures like the Southern Cassowary.
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