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Somalia is facing a crisis. According to the WHO, more than 6 million people (that’s 50% of Somalia’s population) require urgent humanitarian relief services. Around 3 million Somalis, on an average, go hungry. If these numbers are alarming, consider the further problems this war-torn country faces. More than 363,000 children are acutely malnourished and 70,000 of these severely so, are in need of urgent, life saving support. The Southern Sudan famine has afflicted Somalia the most, as the African country faces hunger and widespread famine on account of a drought.
Imagine going without food and water for days at an end. Imagine a world torn apart by conflict and destruction. Imagine the poverty that children and women in Somalia face and you will still fall short of understanding how grave the situation here is. Australians now have a chance to generously donate for the welfare of Somalians with SomAus Help, a charitable organization registered with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission.

Helping people who have lost livestock and livelihoods, SomAus Help provides water, well construction, shelter, medical relief and more to this war ravaged, drought ridden nation. Failed crop seasons means people here cannot even grow their own food. Now SomAus Help is here to make the difference in ways that count. Donate to the cause and support SomAus Help in its endeavor to aid Somalia’s poor and famine stricken combat difficult circumstances and a life ravaged by hunger, drought, and violence.
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funding goal

Project Rewards
$1 USD
Glass of water
By making a small donation to the people of Somalia also helps
$5 USD
Bottle of water for Somalia
1 bottle of water for Somalia, we thank you kindly for your help
$10 USD
Big bottle water for Somalia
Thank you for donating a big bottle of water for Somalia
$25 USD
Food and water for Somalia
Thank you for donating food and water for Somalia
$50 USD
Feed a village
With your donation we able to feed an entire village full of people.
$100 USD
The Giver
Thank you for your generosity of helping us to provide medical attention to the people of Somalia
$500 USD
Build a well for Somalia
With your donation we able to start building a water well.
$1000 USD
The Big Giver
Thank you kindly for your fantastic donation so we able to bring in supplies, food and we are able to start the construction on a well.

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