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Snaireo, the fast charging and Bluetooth speaker is set to change the way people power devices. Move away from wired charging plus low speed wireless charging with Snaireo. The brainchild of the White Elephant Thinktank, a crowdfunding marketing and design agency founded by Timmy Liang, Snaireo is a hi-tech product with a difference. This wireless charging Bluetooth speaker is functionally as well as aesthetically appealing.
It is a wireless charging solution meets Bluetooth speaker combination that will make iPhone cables passé. What makes Snaireo the fastest wireless charging solution? It overcomes the hurdles faced by conventional wired charging and low speed wireless charging alternatives available in the market today. Tired of the old wired charging which comes with twin problems of wire restriction and quick breaking quality? It’s time to make the switch to Snaireo.

Tech specs for this innovative product are as follows:

  • Bluetooth version: 4.0
  • Bluetooth Range: 10m
  • Output Power: RMS 15W
  • Speaker: 4 Ohm 15W
  • S/N Ratio: 80-86 dB
  • Cable: 3.6mm jack audio cable
  • Power adapter: AC100-240 50/60Hz DC 9V 3000mA
  • Product Net weight: 625g
  • Dimension: 205x118x155mm

Snaireo cuts down on overheating as well as low charging speed. Light years ahead of the regular plug in, it saves 30% time and reduces heating by another 25% as against other alternatives for wireless charging. A startup with a special objective to innovate in a way that makes life simpler, the White Elephant Thinktank aims to make products that create a buzz and the Snaireo wireless charging Bluetooth speaker is just the start of the journey to cutting-edge, hi-tech, top performing products.

Combining technology and creativity, innovation and utility, Snaireo is a new revolution in the world of wireless charging.
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