Tilissos, Greece

Snail farm extension

Project Creator

Stavros and Vaso are a greek couple .They grow a few vegetables and breed snails in their small snail farm. Years of experiments in snail breeding gave them many conclusions. Indoor snail breeding is much safer than outdoor. Snails are protected from natural enemies like mice and beatles as well as from low temperatures in the winter. Unfortunately, the finincial crisis in their country is getting deeper and deeper, so their income is not enough to expand the farm. Two more chambers would help them to product more snails, pay taxes and earn their living .
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funding goal

Project Rewards
€10 EUR
Our Undying Gratitude!
We are entrepreneurs with some success but limited resources. We greatly appreciate everyone who helps us toward our dream.
€50 EUR
Snail key ring-Schlüsselhalter
A snail keyring /Ein Schlüsselhalter
€100 EUR
Hat with logo - Hut mit logo
One hat with snail farm logo - Ein Hut mit Logo der Farm
€200 EUR
Apron and hat-Schütze und Hut
One apron and one hat with snail farm logo - Eine Schürze und ein Hut mit Logo der Farm
€500 EUR
Cooking lesson,meal, perk set
During your holidays on our island, you may visit the farm. You get a tour with every detail about snail breeding explained. You also get a traditional meal ,a cooking lesson, a hat and an apron with a snail farm logo. If you cannot visit us, we'll ship you a full perk set (key ring, hat, apron) and some other snail goodies just for you!

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