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This is a smart wheelchair designed to deliver extreme mobility, independence and user happiness
Smart E-Con wheelchair is the latest product of pure creativity and technology. It has been designed from scratch based on real day-to-day experiences of disabled persons in order to satisfy their needs. It gives extreme mobility, independence, comfort and happiness. It’s features surpass any powered wheelchair available in the current market.
My name is Peter Mbiria Maina, an innovator in the field of electrical and electronics Engineering. My innovation is Smart E-con (Electric Convertible) wheelchair.
The goal for this innovation is to enable the physically challenged persons to be:

  • Very mobile on almost all terrains (including African off-roads, flat surfaces, stairs etc)
  • Independent
  • Comfortable
  • Happy.

This is very important to me because I want to create a positive impact on the lives of the persons who can’t walk due to many reasons. It is about sharing the love I feel for them through creativity, innovation and technology.
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funding goal

Project Rewards
$10 USD
Wheelchair Part Tagging
This will be a photo showing your name tagged where your funds went into or what they purchased on that Smart E-con Wheelchair
$15 USD
Customized Stickers
This sticker will have your name on it (Or your nickname) and it will be stuck to the first 5 SMart E-con Wheelchairs. This will go a long way to show the wheelchair users that, a lot of people care for them and that is love.
$20 USD
Personal Monthly Update
This will be monthly update for the current progress of the wheelchair build.
$205 USD
Music FreQ-DNA
This is a music lighting device that responds in sync to music thus creating a music-driven environment. You not only listen to music but you as well see it. The lighting rises with the beat real-time. It is very unique and I designed it from scratch. You'll be the first to actually own one since I have not yet introduced it to the market.
$750 USD
Live Smart E-Con Test
This will be about the actual testing of the wheelchair. Anyone is welcome to come, test and have a feel of what it means to operate a Smart E-Con Wheelchair.

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