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There is a story from the 1950s in which a salesman offers to sell a toothpaste company an idea – an idea that if implemented, would increase sales. Reluctant to pay, the company tries to figure out what this man could possibly have thought of, but after drawing a blank, decides to accept his terms. The idea? Enlarge the toothpaste opening by 1mm. This near imperceptible change would nearly double consumption, causing persons to buy more.
Now it seems shampoo companies have adapted this idea.
Don’t you hate spilling shampoo on the shower floor, time after time? Those little spills add up, and the result is yourself and your family spending hundreds of extra dollars a year on shampoo and conditioner. That’s money that could be better spent, and we’re offering you a way to do that, with Shampipe.


Shampipe is a patent pending tiny plastic attachment that fits in the opening of your shampoo bottle. It operates as a screw, and can be twisted to adjust the opening as you see fit.
The very first prototype was made with plasticine, a screw, a toothpick, and dentist silicon, and it worked! But don’t worry, we have made many improvements since then, perfected the design, and the industrial molds. The Shampipe is ready for production.
But first we need your help.


Shampipe is a product by the people, for the people. There is really no way to pitch this to big investors, because the key is to help consumers save money, something that shampoo companies and the retailers that sell their products know is bad for business. We have benefited from using the Shampipe in our homes, and we want to help you do the same.


We are Life Hack Laboratories, and I am Gilad, the founder and CEO. As an industrial engineer, and a family man, one of the greatest feelings is being able to combine my love of innovation with finding solutions that improve the lives of those dear to me in even the smallest of ways. Shampipe is a labor of love, and I want others to benefit as well.


For as little as $3, you can be one of the first to own your very own Shampipe, but hurry, because spots are limited! You can check out our reward tier for more information on what’s available, and for how long.
With the $10,000 raised from this campaign, Life Hack Laboratories will be able to cover production, packaging, and other overhead costs, bring Shampipe to market, and hopefully, directly to you.


Don’t forget to share the campaign on social media, with friends and family, and anyone else who likes saving on household expenses! Help spread the Shampipe revolution!

Risks and challenges

We understand that we’re going against the giants, the 1% that owns more that they can ever spend, and in a world where ‘more is better’, we’re trying to spread the message that you don’t have to use more than you actually need.
This is LHL’s first official project, but with a team that has experience in product design, manufacturing, and, distribution, we have a great support system to make sure that the project is successfully carried out. We’ve completed as many preliminary aspects as we could, and need only the funding to carry forward.
Even so, please expect regular project updates, and one hundred percent transparency if any issues should arise. We are ready to make a difference, and intend to see this through.

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Project Rewards
Pledge $3 or more
Early birds
Viva La Revolution! 1 new Shampipe just for you, the one who first got their eyes unfolded. The moment the first Shampipe is ready, it will be sent straight to you!!! And the best thing?!? ROI guaranteed after the first usage
Pledge $4 or more
Not as early but still birds
Still, Viva La Revolution! You weren't the first but still 1 new Shampipe are headed in your direction, The moment the first batch of Shampipes is ready, they will be sent straight to you!!! And the best thing?!? ROI guaranteed after the first usage
Pledge $5 or more
The real deal
Viva La Revolution! You are part of it now!! You are now the proud owner of a brand new Shampipe. And the best thing?!? ROI guaranteed after the first usage
Pledge $8 or more
Better when we together
Revolution is always better together You are now the proud owner of 2, brand new Shampipes. You have more than one Shampoo bottle for sure in your house, right? So why don't you double your savings? And the best thing?!? ROI guaranteed after the first usage
Pledge $10 or more
Sharing is caring
Revolution is always better when shared with your loved one.... Especially when way to much shampoo is being wasted.... You are now the proud owner of 3, brand new Shampipes. So why don't you double your savings? And the best thing?!? ROI guaranteed after the first usage
Pledge $17 or more
Family pack
6 Shampipes to share with all of your family! Help them to understand how much money is being poured down the drain with each squeeze And of course.... ROI guaranteed
Pledge $100 or more
Spread the word, Spread the Love and most important spread your 45 new Shampipes! Be for others as they have been for you Care for their spending!
Pledge $500 or more
Will you be the one that will take it as his crusade?! Than this is just for you. 400 Shampipes will take you there!

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