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When CEO Victory Feeney initiated a 6 month pilot project in Cincinnati, Louisville, Lexington and Nashville, he found that the average repair time taken for providing tech services was an astounding 14 days. The Feeney Brothers Factory Service Center aims to bring it down to 7 days flat. But to attain this, Feeney Brothers has to secure crowdfunding on Indiegogo of around 100K to fulfill the mission. The funds will be used for training tech professionals, hiring full time workers, installing PoS and tracking technology and hiring repair delivery service vans. With so many advantages (the Feeney Brothers Factory Center is LG, Samsung, Home Depot and Lowes certified just to name a few), the advantages for the customer are manifold. As we step into a new phase of digital revolution and fantastic gadgetry, the need of the hour is a service delivery that understands your needs and fulfills your requirements. Victor leads a team of qualified, competent and creative professionals to provide that critical service, with your help and support.
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$25 USD
get a coffee mus with logo
a great coffee mug with our logo
$100 USD
one appliance repair laboronly
gets you a coupon form one appliance repair (labor only)
$250 USD
free home inspection
gets you one service coupon plus our newest service, a free inspection for our Home owners Preventive Maintenance program a 500.00 valve free

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