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Save the Aging Feral Cat Colony

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Escape proof fencing especially for cats

Escape proof fencing especially for cats

Cat fence enclosure to create natural habitat, predator-proof sanctuary for aging and geriatric feral cat colony.
Cat fencing that is escape proof and predator proof to protect aging and geriatric feral cat colony. This is a colony we have managed for a decade. Now that the remaining cats in this colony are growing old they are losing their agility and ability to successfully protect themselves from danger. Some of the cats in this colony are geriatric and require additional health care. Containing them will protect them from predators and other community dangers, as well as make it easier to provide medical attention when needed.
As they enter their senior years, they obviously need additional protection. The best way we can provide this is through cat-proof fencing so they can enjoy their natural habitat safe from harm.
Funds collected will be used to purchase the fence kit. Funds beyond our goal will go toward further enhancement of the habitat.

Risks and challenges
The completion date of this project would be the challenge, because the initial completion date set was by spring’s end. Obstacles to meeting this deadline is completely related to available funds. When funds are met, the fence kit will be ordered. We already have people on stand by to assist in the installation.
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