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Rory Gallagher Tribute Festival Vienna
We – Alex, Holger, Martin – are three Blues-Rock enthusiasts organising the first Rory Gallagher Tribute Festival in Austria. We would like to create a tradition of commemorating Rory’s music in our home city. Vienna should have its own Rory Gallagher Tribute Festival like there are many others around the world (e.g. in Ireland, England, Germany, Netherlands, Japan). Established tribute bands as well as young artists will have the chance to present themselves on stage.

Three national and international (tribute-)bands will celebrate the famous blues rock guitarist Rory Gallagher together with audience for one night. Fans from Austria and Europe will experience the legendary live atmosphere of a «Rorygig». It will be a blast!
As a special souvenir for the fans we will produce a CD with a live recording of the festival.
The bands, their accommodation and travel, the location and the recording cost a lot of money. For that we need you to back us! Please support us and be part of our story.

For more information, please visit RORY GALLAGHER FESTIVAL Campaign page:

EUR 4’000

funding goal

Project Rewards
EUR 10
Support us in making the first Rory Gallagher Tribute Festival in Austria real and be part of an historical event. You will receive the official festival badge as a thank you.
EUR 25
70 / 75 available Be there! – as reward for your backing you receive a festival ticket.
EUR 30
40 / 40 available We dress you up – you receive the exclusive festival tee shirt as a thank you.
EUR 40
29 / 30 available The festival at home – you receive the exclusive best of live recording of the festival.
EUR 45
17 / 20 available The festival on your wall – we give you the festival poster signed by all the artists (off course together with a ticket).
EUR 100
4 / 5 available Soundcheck experience – You experience the artists very close during the soundcheck. You may enter the location 2 hours before the general admission and you will get a special surprise from us. Off course, entrance to the festival is included.
EUR 300
2 / 2 available Ultimate fan package – You are our VIP guest. You receive a a backstage pass, you may chat with the artists, experience the festival from first row and you will be mentioned in the stage announcement (if you like).
EUR 1.000
2 / 2 available Become festival sponsor – we present you (or your business) on the festival homepage and on our facebook site. You have the possibility to present yourself (or your business) at the festival location. Of course you get 3 sponsor tickets for the festival.

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