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Help in organizing an event that will bring together community & tourism for sustainable development
Help in organizing Redrock events, “A pioneering model of bringing community, conservation, and tourism together for sustainable development.”
“A pioneering model of bringing community, conservation, and tourism together for sustainable development.”

The Red Rocks Rwanda cultural initiatives are monthly events that collectively bring community, conservation, and tourism stakeholders together for sustainable development around the Volcanoes National Park. Through these events, communities have a chance to exchangeideas and learn from one another how they can use their talents (Music, dancing, poetry, crafting etc.); culture (Food, attire, language, instrumentation etc.) and other local tools (Clay for pots baking and bricks, basket weaving, wood carving skills etc.) for development through effective sustainable planning, maximizing social and economic benefits to locals (generated income is used to build community schools, hospitals, vocational training centers etc.) and reducing tourism’s negative impact to cultural and environmental heritages. This shows that local people can reduce poverty by being creative and not depending entirely on international aid.
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Project Rewards
€20 EUR
Team Appreciation
Receive our team endless intangible gratitude,for your support and belief in our course.
€50 EUR
Online Recognition
Your name is featured online as a contributor to the success of the Red Rock event campaign.
€200 EUR
Exclusive phonecall
Get an exclusive phone call from one of our team member, the team member will thank you personally for your contribution you will get to ask any question you desire about the campaign.
€1000 EUR
Animal postcad
For a donation of up to $2000 you gets a postcad of an animal, eg gorilla etc
€2000 EUR
Campaign Tshirt
We will have a special T-shirt with your Name printed on it, with a thank-you message for your contribution and support of the Red Rock campaign, the T-shirt will also entail the campaign logo and red rock logo
€5000 EUR
Basket post card
For a donation of up to $5000 you gets a gift basket which is a basket made by the locals, using the local materials, the basket also contains a mystical gift inside
€20000 EUR
Field adventure
Get a chance to hike in one volcano mountain of your choosing around RedRock area. This entails a tour of the area guided by a local tracker, and a historical description of the occurrences of the area. Hiking tools and wearable necessities will be provided.

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