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Re-Athlete – Sportswear made of “fishing nets”.

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Re-Athlete – Sportswear made of fishing nets. Re-Athlete is the new brand for environmental and socially delivered sports materials! Their materials are produced using reused nylon and natural cotton. They utilize materials that are recovered from old angling nets, texture and plastic waste which generally taint our oceans and nature. Moreover, the items are delivered locally in Germany and bolster different types of work treatment in this procedure.
For them, maintainability is not a practical business idea, but rather a 100% guarantee. Re-Athlete is a youthful organization from Northern Germany, which takes a stab at a feasible and straightforward corporate rationality. The company utilizes an uncommon 100% recovered Nylon yarn called ECONYL® that is produced using old angling nets and other Nylon squander material. The items are fabricated locally in Germany and bolster different types of work treatment in this procedure.

All bundling materials and in addition the business gear are sans plastic, naturally and compostable. Their providers originate from Europe no matter what – accordingly they can ensure short transport separations and low ecological effects. The business premises are controlled by eco-power and even their money related speculations bolster ventures at Europe’s driving manageability bank.

Sustainability does not need to remain a specialty in games. Re- Athlete might want to prepare singular competitors, groups and clubs with biologically and socially created sportswear. With their items, they are proposing an option way in the sportswear segment. This gives them new open doors for competitors, clubs, and supporters, who utilize our dress for creature assurance and ecological security and in addition social generation in Germany.
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€79 EUR + Shipping
Fitness Bundle (Women)
Get a discount choosing our fitness bundle! Includes our Women Sports Top and our Yoga/Fitness Pants!
€5 EUR
Your support means so much to us and every little bit helps! We will keep you informed about Re-Athlete and our upcoming products.
€10 EUR + Shipping
Individual Postcard
Individual postcard from the founders. We will write you a personal postcard with a small surprise from our campaign!
€35 EUR + Shipping
Show the world that you are passionate about sustainability in sports with our branded t-shirt! READ MORE
€35 EUR + Shipping
Represent our slogan on our gray tank-top! Are YOU a Re-Athlete?! Made of biological cotton.
€39 EUR + Shipping
Women Sports Top
Perfect for running, yoga or fitness sessions: Our Women Sports Top made of recycled nylon.
€39 EUR + Shipping
Sport Shorts Men
Here you can buy our men's shorts, available in different colors (matching the jerseys)! Made of recycled nylon.
€39 EUR + Shipping
Sport Shorts Women
The women's version, also matching the jersey. Made of recycled nylon.
€49 EUR + Shipping
Jersey "Ocean Savior" for Men
Our first jersey, the Ocean Savior, is made of recycled nylon. Its durable, READ MORE
€49 EUR + Shipping
Jersey "Ocean Savior"for Women
Our women's version with a special figurative cut! Made of recycled nylon.
€49 EUR + Shipping
Yoga/Fitness Pants
You're not into team sports? No Problem! With our Yoga pants READ MORE
€79 EUR + Shipping
Jersey Bundle (Men)
Combine our jerseys and shorts and get a discount on the two combined items. Free color selection!
€79 EUR + Shipping
Jersey Bundle (Women)
You will also get a discount in the bundle with our woman's jersey and shorts!
€899 EUR + Shipping
Jersey Set (without printing)
Our jersey set for your team! 12x Ocean Savior jersey and 12x Sport Shorts! READ MORE
€1199 EUR + Shipping
Jersey Set (printing included)
Our jersey set for your team! This time with your name, number, logo and sponsor on it! READ MORE
€2199 EUR
Sustainable Sponsorship
Be the first to equip a sports club with our sustainable products! Benefit from the public impact of sustainable sponsorship. READ MORE

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