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This Project is already an official NVIDIA INCEPTION PROJECT
We are for real and this project is happening!
We only need to raise about $5000 to get there and get what we need to keep going for now!

We currently have some bright local talent working on a pitch deck and several short commercials to demo the product/ideas. stay tuned!
Proof of concept demo for windows available Here
Also check out our SkyBox Demo (Not always online)

OUR PROJECT is called the MEQUAVIS (Multiverse Emulation of Quantum Universes using Abstract Virtualized Iterated Simulations)

Reclaiming Wasted Processor Power to put Money In Your Pocket and to create a much needed Quantum Protection System which consists of a Quantum Anti-Virus System and a Quantum Firewall System.
Our App should produce enough credits to replace one smart device Every Year for a family of 4 running 1 device each with 4 core 2.4ghz CPUs running at 50% cpu power for half the day of every day. Assuming our projections play out the way we hope with Investors and CPU Buyers. This should be enough incentive to encourage the average family to participate in our program as it is enough credit to replace one smart device every year roughly.
No Technical Knowledge Needed! Just Install Our App And Earn! Our app only runs while your phone/device is idle and charging and has no access to your data for Complete Security And Privacy. You set the CPU usage threshold and set the schedule and data limits if needed so you will never even notice our app is using your device and will Never Overtax Your CPU And Battery Usage.
Our company will be combining Quantum Computing and Distributed Computing using abstraction and polymorphism to define and create the world’s first Quantum Anti-Virus System and Quantum Firewall by using meta-science in an applied fashion.
Our system also serves as a free use educational and science system in which end users can either process data for Donation Type Write-Offs or to Get Rewards, such as gift certifcates for your favorite places. We will of course sell CPU access to commercial for-profit companies and provide Free Access for education/science and select non-profit companies.
Our service will create a system of Billions of Devices all sharing their un-utilized CPU power with our propietary system which in turn resells this reclaimed CPU power to companies that can utilize this power, such as Genetics, and Medical Companies, while also providing a free public and educational portal for society’s benefit (Asteroid Tracking, etc). The system we have designed is quite Unique In It’s Approach and will offer a multi faceted ability to design several unique systems all of which will protect us from the Threat Of Quantum Computing and possibly the even greater threat of Artificial Intelligence.
We Do Not Condone Nor Promote The Development Of AI or Quantum Technology as of right now due to the world’s in general, lack of understanding of the consequences, and also our lack of ability to defend ourselves against possible disasters, which is why we are pushing to create this technology, so that we never do end up with a Terminator, HAL, or Matrix style situation…ever. As stupid as that may seem, there are many smaller situations that are not sci-fi that can happen if we don’t have a Proper Plan and/or defense.
Plus this lets people Make Money off their devices while they are idle and not in use. Users earn credits in our system that they can either donate for tax writeoff purposes or exchange for gift cards. Either way will allow users to capitalize off their devices while being a part of something awesome!!
Avoidance of a problem or disaster is simple if the solution is pre-planned and thought of well. Like they say. An Ounce Of Prevention…Is Worth A Pound Of Cure. And when it comes to the ludicrous speeds at which these new technologies can operate at, well, we would be best served by being prepared versus scrambling to fix something that can theoretically happen in the blink of an instant in these machines.
The Absolute Need for the development of this project can be seen with the fear mongering that is currently happening online with the so called “Mandela Effect” which many people point towards Quantum Computing as a direct cause. Even though it is unfounded fear, our system can provide much needed peace of mind to the people that need that type of peace of mind. This alone makes funding of this project worth while as well as possibly proving of great value to the billionaires that are currently investigating “The Red Pill”.
Also check out a company called Temporal Defense Systems (temporaldefense.com) up in Kirkland, WA that just bought the first commercially available quantum computer from D-Wave Systems in Canada, the 2000Q for $12 million! Pretty clear evidence that the time for this technology to be created is at hand, now…
The Idea For This Project Was Started Back in 2001 but did not take fruition until 2006 and 2009 finally, at which time the idea was shelved in late 2012 due to computing constraints and personal resources.
But now with Quantum Computers we have a perfect opportunity to actually develop this system correctly and with the powerhouse that it needs behind the scenes. So do not think this is a new idea that has been thought of in haste to capitalize on new technology. This idea has simply been waiting for the technology. Others Will Try To Mimic Our System but will not succeed because they will not approach with our Unique Strategy And Vision.
Our project will touch on many sensitive topics such as AI Morality and AI Ethics and our own ethics towards AI. We hope to set a common standard in this area to promote proper AI development and safety for society when possible. We will be able to assist with Vetting, Training, and Containing AI systems in a safe manner that protects us from danger.
We will be creating two core systems which are the MEQUAVIS and the AVISC. The second system controls the Distributed Computing System of phones/devices and the other is the Quantum Computer Run Service that will serve several functions.
Visit our website at NANOCHEEZE.COM to learn more technical answers to your questions and also to sign up for Beta Testing. Even if you don’t participate in the beta you can still earn early access rewards just for signing up and doing things like logging in once a month or registering all your devices! We encourage early signup so that we can show our investors how many people are excited about this idea. We are basically bringing Distributed Computing To The Masses in a way that supersedes the stigmas and lack of understanding that generally come with technical things like this by simply making people money.
Our service will sorta be Like Uber For Your Phone. except You Don’t Have To Do Anythingand your phone doesn’t have to go anywhere.
Our overall goal is to provide the world with viable Quantum Protection while also transforming the wasted resource of unused CPU time into a Real And Sellable Product just like when the first person put water in a bottle and decided to sell it.
The best part of this is that as time marches forward, the devices we all use at home and on the go are only going to get faster and faster until they eventually become portable quantum devices themselves. That is when The Development Of Our Service Will Be Looked Back On As An Absolute No-Brainer and we will have created almost Limitless Access to a resource that wasn’t even considered a resource before we came along. Not to mention some of the Extra Perks this system will provide that you can read more about on our website .
Our Team Has Dreamed Of This Idea for many, many years and are Fully Prepared to bring this notion to the light of day. We are just missing Your Support and the capital needed to get a project like this off the ground. We have done everything we can including extending our company into the construction and janitorial world of services in order to make the needed capital required to stay in business in today’s world. But the time has come to ask the community at large for assitance seeing as This Technology Is Quickly Being Developed and has basically arrived overnight!
interesting factoid: “me quavis” in latin is “I any”

Risks and challenges

There will be many uphill battles for us as we get this project off the ground. but there are just as many smaller scale implementations that can be launched and marketed along the way.
We have already been accepted into the NVIDIA Inception Program for AI Startups and have an opportunity to visit the GPU Tech Conference in California this May which is what we are mainly raising funds for currently.
We already have a website up that users can sign up at and a proof of concept demonstration app available for download that does actually create a working Grid using JPPF and controls BOINC in the background when JPPF tasks are idle. Thus proving this concept is sound and quite easily implementable at early stages.
It is not until a quantum computer is introduced that complexity and difficulty and costs will rise rapidly at which point we plan to be ready to go on that front and for the most part already are.
We simply need to garner the support and funding for the equipment we will need. Everything you see on our website so far was designed with budget Walmart Laptops, so we do need to upgrade our own equipment as well.
We are hoping to raise about $5000 so we can buy a nice demonstration computer to bring with to our tech showings and also so we can attend the GTU conference this May.
This kickstarter campaign goal is simply to get us to that conference and help us buy a nice PC we can use for demonstrations and development.
Further funding will be needed to raise capital for a Quantum Computer however we are not interested in purchasing one until the costs become more manageable. 12 million dollars is not viable as of right now even if it was donated. They will get cheaper and we want to be ready when that happens.

Link to the Project:


funding goal

Project Rewards
Pledge $5 or more
Nanocheeze credits
normally you will earn Nanocheeze credits by donating processor power to our system. During kickstarter funding rounds you can earn them by donating funds to our project. Credits can be redeemed in our system once officially launched to run your own projects in our distributed computing AVISC system or exchanged through parties whom need them. 1 credit for every 5 dollars donated.
Pledge $100 or more
Early Development Access (Beta Testing)
Receive early Beta access and access to earning credits before everyone else.
Pledge $1,000 or more
VIP Star Location Priority
Our system contains a skybox which is a giant catalog of stars that can be optionally assigned devices for the purpose of creating a contained simulation environment. A personal minecraft world type environment. Details have not been ironed out at all as to how this system will operate but it will have hub stars and such which will be coveted and hard to get in our home milky way galaxy at least. This concept will go hand in hand with human to AI augmentation and such as those environments need to be contained as well as strictly AI environments. Probably even more so.

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