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Publish 100 Christian Novelette In Six Months

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I want to write and publish 100 Christian Novelettes, adapted from my stage plays.

I recently scanned through the top 100 paid and free books on amazon, only to notice how severely popular the erotica genre is with everyday readers. I could not find one wholesome, family oriented, Christian book in this list, and strongly believe this is a very sad reality.

Have you ever wanted to see a change, only to wait for someone else to come and effect the change you want to see? What if you got an opportunity to be the change you want to see?

You see, I am a story teller. One of my novels on amazon “Chloe” has won gold in competitions, and presently have over 12 5-star reviews. I am thinking that if I did it once, I must be able to do it again. So I have another book “Beyond Time – Journey Through Hell” with my publisher that is coming out this year.

I have been writing plays and movie scripts for over a decade now. I started writing plays in 2002, and have never looked back. Surprisingly, I have over 100 full length plays on my website (

The Lord told me to write a novelette from each play, and publish it. I felt this strongly, and also knew it would be impossible, but it is just like Him to suggest such a thing (God of the impossible).

This is where you come in (I hope). Without a community like this, I know in my heart that what I desire would not even be possible.

I want to share one recent review with you. “Artistic genius on display in this brilliant one of a kind presentation of the Gospel. It’s a play. It’s a book. It’s a realistic melodrama depicting the sobering truth of life after death. The colorful characters are our family members, friends, and every living, breathing human being. Ministry leader, if you want to jump start evangelism in your church, you need this book. Using it could ignite your church to revival, and be hazardous to the kingdom of darkness. The harvest is ready, and Waiting Room is a modern day evangelistic match. Start the Fire!!!”

This is a review for my play/screenplay ‘The Waiting Room.’ I thought this was a fictional place, and someone told me recently that it was real. The Waiting Room will be the first novelette I publish.

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Project Rewards
$50 USD
Your Name Mentioned In Books Your name will be included in the acknowledgement for each novelette.
$100 USD
Get 5 Books You will get the above, plus 1 free complimentary copy of the first 5 novelettes.
$1000 USD
Get 1 Of Each Book You will get all the above, plus 1 free complimentary copy of each novelette.

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