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PROOF Smart Tags replaces the 100-year-old process of vehicle registration and auto insurance.
PROOF Smart Tag is a computerized license plate that looks and feels like a regular license plate. The big difference is that it eliminates adhesive vehicle registration tags, allowing DMV to communicate directly with the license plate to validate secured vehicle registration. PROOF Smart Tags alleviate back and knee pain along with the frustration of peeling off the old vehicle registration tag to replace it with the new one, which often causes motorists to stack the tags on top of each other.
I would describe myself as a friendly, creative, and innovative individual who enjoys advancing technology through the Systems Development Life Cycle.
I have led, managed, and coordinated many initiatives, and programs.  I have experience as a co-founder and Business Analyst of a not-for-profit and experience as a founder and Systems Analyst  of a for-profit startup, by the name of International PROOF Systems, LLC. The greatest asset to my business are the people, inclusive of: staff, partners, and customers.
International PROOF Systems has a mission to improve antiquated (outdated) systems through advanced technology.  Research shows that many merchants lose millions of dollars each year in revenue, due to lack of compliance, speed, and accuracy.
International PROOF Systems is currently embarking upon the world’s first computerized license plates, known as PROOF Smart Tags, designed to replace the current 100-year-old system of validating vehicle registration and auto insurance through a paper based system.
PROOF Smart Tags looks and feels like a regular license plate the only difference, is that it replaces the adhesives registration tag with a computer chip that communicates directly with the Department of Motor Vehicle to validate accurate, current, and secured vehicle registration, auto insurance, and response time during the event of an emergency.

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