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The Mission to Seafarers Victoria (MtSV) is a piece of a worldwide association devoted to the welfare of the marine group.  Finished in 1917, the legacy recorded Mission to Seafarers working at Melbourne’s Docklands proceeds today as a “home far from home” for visiting crew, giving administrations and offices responding to one of kind conditions of the individuals who live and work adrift.
The building is a fine case of Arts and Crafts and Spanish Mission. It is accessible for capacities and is open for expressions and social occasions as the year progressed.
The Mission has been consistently working in Melbourne since 1857 and has held a considerable measure of records that report its beneficent work, oceanic and nautical history going back to this time, which are right now housed inside the building complex. The curatorial team is in the process of digitizing and cataloguing the collection that consists of approximately 10,000 objects and items collectively assessed as being of State and National significance. Many of the photographs within the collection are over 80 years old, and several of the scrapbooks document historically significant events, providing also a snapshot of Melbourne’s social history.  In digitizing the collection, the public will be able to access the entire Mission to Seafarers Victoria’s collection online – there are already several hundred records and images available for viewing on the online catalogue.
The resources raised in the campaign will be allocated in order to professionally photograph and preserve several items in the collection to museum quality. Funds will also be used to preserve and store for future display the rest of the photographic collection.
If you want to support this project, you can do so by donating on their Pozible page:


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Project Rewards
AU$2 +
Tax Deductible Receipt You will be issued with a tax deductible receipt.
AU$5 +
Donation Our thanks via Facebook
AU$10 +
Postcard Pack A curated pack of four postcards featuring the exhibited works from the recent years of the MtSV Annual Maritime Art Awards
AU$100 +
Buy a Brick Mark your contribution to the conservation of one of Melbourne's oldest heritage buildings with a brick imprinted with your name laid in the courtyard or garden.
AU$200 +
Tour and lunch with the CEO Tour the Mission with the CEO, get the history, architectural information, and the stories. A gourmet lunch and a glass and wine is included.
AU$500 +
Tour of the Bay on a Harbour Towage tug Who wants to tell your friends about another ordinary trip on the bay? How about recounting your trip aboard a Harbour Towage tug and how you helped to berth a container ship or tanker into harbour?? For the true ocean farer, this exclusive and private tour of Port Phillip Bay aboard a Svitzer Tug is for 3 people. Date of trip to be confirmed, weather permitting and subject to security clearance.
AU$2500 +
Display Cabinet Museum quality display cabinets are needed to display the collection. Your donation plaque will be inscribed on the cabinet.

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