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The world famous hand game Rock-Paper-Scissors is now an anthropomorphic global ‘element’ war for dominance and survival
This is the world of Paper Rock Scissors N’ Stuff Wars, a graphic novel to be produced by Zelpha Comics. On a distant planet, the hand game is now a planetary war for survival and dominance! Paper Rock Scissors N’ Stuff Wars will be a five chapter black and white artwork graphic novel encompassing 100 pages. The story begins with the Scissors Empire’s discovery of Paper Flatopia and the ensuing carnage of their invasion over the placid Papers. From there, readers discover the planet’s other kingdoms and their growing knowledge of each other. Just like in our world, there is trust and distrust, co-operation and outright hatred. Corruption and the military industrial complex go face-to-face against harsh decisions required to achieve planetary peace. And as kingdoms fight and scheme, there are greater forces waiting and watching for the right time to act.
Everyone on Earth knows the game – Paper beats Rock, Rock beats Scissors and Scissors beats Paper. This fun, yet simple hand game has been used for generations to solve simple disputes like who has to clean the kitchen after that epic house party.
Now imagine Rock, Paper and Scissors as living anthropomorphic creatures. Imagine them as individuals with their own kingdoms, beliefs, armies, societies and biases.
The artwork is cartoony and fun, while the narrative is a mashed combination of serious, silly and poignant. Each chapter will be drawn by a different artist who will bring his/her unique flare to the project.
Imagine Scissors as a fascist regime hungry for power and domination. Imagine Paper as an isolationist society far too naive about their world. Imagine Rock as an impartial power fully aware of the other kingdoms, but disinterested in getting involved. Finally, imagine this world with new elements outside of the original game. They now play pivotal roles in this new game of war. Plastics that can change their shape. Water and Sand kingdoms caught in their own stalemate war. All powerful ‘godly’ Anvils who hold the secret to the planet’s origin. Imagine all this madness combined into a comic book adventure!
Zelpha Comics has launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $1,250. This is the minimum amount needed to produce the first run of the graphic novel. Any amount raised above the goal will be used for additional print runs, hardcover editions and international promotional campaigns.
Zelpha Comics specializes in creating unique, non-superhero based comic books targeted to multiple ages, demographic groups and tastes. The company currently publishes two books: The Adventures of Little Petalianne (about the adventures of little flower sprites protecting their garden home) and Paper Rock Scissors N’ Stuff Wars (currently a one-shot limited print offered for this campaign).
Thank you! Please spread the word and help this project!

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Project Rewards
Pledge $5
Rock Helper
● An emailed digital PDF '2nd print' of the comic con edition of Paper Rock Scissors N’ Stuff Wars #1 (contains a bonus 4 page Anvil Gods prologue not available in the first print edition) READ MORE
Pledge $10
Paper Warrior ● Your name listed in the “Thank you” section on page 2 & 3 of the graphic novel ● An emailed digital PDF edition of the complete Paper Rock Scissors N’ Stuff Wars graphic novel
Pledge $15
Rock Paper Peace Accord
● Your name listed in the “Thank you” section on page 2 & 3 of the graphic novel READ MORE
Pledge $25
Scissors Assassin
● Your name listed in the “Thank you” section on page 2 & 3 of the graphic novel READ MORE
Pledge $50
Plastic Kingdom Ninja
● Your name listed in the “Thank you” section on page 2 & 3 of the graphic novel READ MORE
Pledge $75
Paper Rock Scissors Retailer Perk
THIS PERK IS FOR RETAILER STORE OWNERS ONLY. ● Everything listed under the $50 Plastic Kingdom Ninja + READ MORE
Pledge $100
Sand & Water Peace Accord
● Your name listed in the “Thank you” section on page 2 & 3 of the graphic novel READ MORE
Pledge $250
Elite Glue Guard
● Everything listed under the $100 Sand and Water Peace Accord + ● Mailed shrink-wrapped sealed HARDCOVER edition of Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars signed and numbered to 30 copies READ MORE
Pledge $500
Unified Planet Syferion
● Everything listed under the $250 Elite Glue Guard + READ MORE
Pledge $1,250
The Godly Anvil: Business Promo Special
● Everything listed under the $500 Unified Planet Syferion + READ MORE

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