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Much the same as the Rebellion against the Empire, and David against Goliath… today we are altogether confronted with the overwhelming test to secure the Earth and our families. Firefly Film and Video, Inc (Firefly) displays their second autonomous film, Operation Phoenix. Operation Phoenix is a suspense thriller that includes facts based on scientific research. It’s an energizing story about a farmer and his family as they battle to uncover the involvement of a global bio-tech organization that is taking control of the food industry and has penetrated the US government. Henry Kissinger once stated, “On the off chance that you control oil, you control countries. On the off chance that you control nourishment, you control individuals.”

This film is NOT a documentary but a feature film with “A” list actors that will be distributed in theaters all through the world. Operation Phoenix is an intense story created to enlighten viewers about what is truly occurring with our sustenance and how our own particular government is a piece of the issue. It will draw an obvious conclusion regarding the dramatic rise in medical issues with the far reaching utilization of Genetically Modified (GMO) seeds and the herbicide glyphosate. This story will leave the audience with the chance to arrive at their own decisions about whether this issue is affecting their own families.

It will take every one of us to defy the substantial biotech organizations to reclaim control of our food, and have our unified voices listened to. Together we can figure out how to spare the honey bees, the creatures, our water, our earth, and our families from the sensational rise in medical problems afflicting humankind. Please help us raise these funds to recount this vital story. Everyone can make a difference.
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