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Ocean Wildlife: Sentinels of the Sea Documentary

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Sentinels of the Sea: Looking at ocean wildlife and critical impacts on ocean habitats.

Sentinels of the Sea” is a full length feature documentary about ocean wildlife and conservation issues and is in production at this time. This exciting film combines beautiful underwater footage with compelling and hard hitting narrative, depicting touching scenes between mother and pup seals,  spectacular underwater worlds with shimmering lights and acrobatic wildlife, and dramatic rescues.

This unique production provides important information about pollution, marine debris, entanglement, and other habitat challenges, bringing the viewer into this special and exotic world, informing, educating, and inspiring. With expert interviews, and rare footage of endangered wildlife,  “Sentinels of the Sea” is near completion but needs limited funding for completion.  With funding needs met, this remarkable documentary will be available for distribution on a wide basis, to provide an unprecedented view of ocean wildlife, habitat challenges, and  efforts to rescue wildlife in distress and to repair conditions of ocean degradation.

It is covering many fascinating details about seals, manta rays, whales, sharks cetaceans, whales, manta, manta ray, pinniped, pinnipeds, seal rescue, animal rescue, harbor seal, sea lion and more, along with many important facts about ocean and coastal habitats.  The oceans are critically challenged in many ways, and this documentary shows many topical concerns that face ocean wildlife.  Pollution, marine debris, ghost gear, entanglement, plastic pollution, disturbance of resting areas, and starvation events  are only some of the issues that  are covered.  Many marine mammals end up needing rescue due to urgent causes as well. This unique and comprehensive documentary covers important information with expert interviews, stunning underwater footage, and compelling narrative, providing education, inspiration, and an opportunity to learn many about these remarkable animals and the challenges that they face. With a focus on beautiful natural scenes, and important information, this documentary will be providing an important and unique film experience.

This production is near completion and needs limited additional funding to complete production and be available for release to wide audiences.
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$2500 USD
"Associate Producer" listing "Associate Producer" listing in the credit section plus all of perks listed at lower perk levels, all upon joint agreement as to details. Your name can appear as an Associate Producer in the credits for the documentary.
$5 USD
Thank you email An email thank you; a special personal thank you for your support!
$10 USD
Seal Postcards 5 Adorable Harbor seal postcards
$15 USD
Social Media Shout out!!! For your donation you will get a social media shout out !!!and thank you on the facebook page for the movie This will be special recognition for your support!
$25 USD
Seal and Sea Lion Postcards 5 each of harbor seal and sea lion postcards. These are adorable depictions of seals and sea lions and are a special memorabilia and thank you for your support. Please see photo section for sample images, and more are available.
$25 USD
DVD of doc upon completionDVD of doc upon completion. Be one of the first to see the final production on DVD!
$35 USD
Credit listing Credit listing in "Special Thanks To" section of the listings in the film. Special recognition for you for your support in the credit section of the film.!!! You will get to see your name in the credit listings!
$45 USD
Harbor Seal MugHarbor seal mug. Adorable harbor seal pup image for you to enjoy on your coffee cup as a special thanks for your support for this campaign.! See sample mug image in photo section!
$45 USD
Sea Lion mug Sea Lion image on mug. Beautiful sea lion image from the natural setting. A special way to enjoy your coffee with a mug that is a thank you for your support!!! See image in photo section!
$2500 USD
"Associate Producer" listing "Associate Producer" listing in the credit section plus all of perks listed at lower perk levels, all upon joint agreement as to details. Your name can appear as an Associate Producer in the credits for the documentary.
$50 USD
Seal Art Notebook Adorable harbor seal pup art on a spiral notebook. See image in the photo section. You can have this adorable notebook as a thank you for helping with the completion of this production. Artwork by Liesl Schindler, marine wildlife artist.
$50 USD
Sea Lion Photo notebookSea Lion photo on spiral notebook. For pinniped lovers. A sea lion photo image on a spiral notebook for you to enjoy. Image can be seen in he photo section. A special thank you for supporting this production.
$75 USD
Harbor Seal keychain Harbor Seal keychain with adorable seal pup image. A special thank you for your support. See image in story section. Imagine your keys on this beautiful keychain!
$75 USD
Documentary Promo Poster You can have a promotional poster for the documentary. A very special thank you for your support for this production!
$150 USD
Org/Company Credit Credit listing for your organization or company in "Special thanks" section of listings, on approval and with joint agreements. Your company or group can have a special listing in the credits of the film as recognition for your support for this documentary.!
$500 USD
All perks packageAll perks from the $250 level and below. If you cannot decide, this perk will give all of the items listed up to the $250 level. You can have many special items to enjoy and show your support for this production. These adorable and memorable items can be yours to enjoy !
$500 USD
Tutorial with Filmmmaker Special conference/tutorial to be arranged by telephone or in person with this award winning filmmaker to discuss filmmaking and documentary production. A very special opportunity to find out about what is involved in producing a documentary.!!!
$1500 USD
Limited Edition Photo Print Limited edition photographic print of harbor seal or sea lion as 11"x 14" or 16" x 20" size depending upon image. Some sample images are available to see in the photo section and other images will be available. This will be a striking photographic art piece for you to enjoy as a special thank you for your support for this important documentary.
$5000 USD
Invitation to Gala Opening* Invitation for Two guests to gala opening and dinner event, plus special tour. Includes Associate Director listing in the documentary. A very special opportunity to meet with this award winning filmmaker and to attend this special event. To be held in Southern California. Other alternate sites may be possible for other showings.

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