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Taking housing to a new high, airbnb meets meets Facebook with Myxur (pronounced “mixer”). Providing a hassle-free housing experience for young professionals, Myxur brings fully furnished accommodation, WiFi, utilities and housekeeping into the mix. With a 23-point personality assessment to evaluate roommate suitability, the matching service lets members get their dream home and housemates for real. Up the safety quotient with rooms that come secured with keypad access for residents. Adding further to the benefits, members get access to exclusive events, financial counseling and mixers to guide them through the social labyrinth of living in a new city or relocating to one.

Myxur was co-founded by acquisitions specialist Johnny Buckingham and Kc-135 Aircraft Commander Johnny Cruz Buckingham, who is also the CEO of this innovative company. Having founded and led Military Crashpad a home away from home for active military personnel, Johnny is set to target a larger demographic with Myxur. Quality housing and entertainment across four major cities to begin with (Austin, Washington DC, Denver and LA) mark Myxur’s debut in June 2017. ​
More cities targeted as Myxur catches on include Seattle, San Diego, Dallas, Orlando and Boston. With a total of 56 houses (14 in each city), Myxur brings a unique, social solution to the world of housing. With fully furnished houses and apartments members can rent @ single rooms, getting a biweekly cleaning service, kitchen supplies, right down to the linen and much more. Bring social events and hosting gatherings for young working professionals to get membership at one of three levels– Gold, Platinum and Wanderlust–Myxur brings bonds and friendships closer home.
If you want to support this project, you can do so by donating on their Indiegogo page:–2#/


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$25 USD
Pledge $25 or more
SPECIAL THANKS: Help us take housing and social networking to the next level! You'll receive a sincere thank you from the Myxur team and we'll keep you up to date on all of our progress developing the social housing network and expanding to new cities.
$30 USD
Myxur T-Shirt
If you pledge $30 or more we'll send you your very own Myxur T-Shirt with our unity logo displayed on the front and our slogan "In a world full of strangers, you can always find a home" on the back.
$100 USD
Free access to Myxur events
If you pledge $100 or more you get free access to all Myxur events for one whole year! Some benefits of Myxur events: - Drinks - Appetizers - Networking Opportunities - Live Entertainment in the form of up and coming artists
$750 USD
Pledge $750 or more
Pledge $750 or more and get half off one month of membership(rental lease). The total amount you pledge will go towards your next month's membership dues.
$1000 USD
Pledge $1000 or more
Pledge $1000 or more and get one month of membership(rental lease) for FREE! The total amount you pledge will go towards your next month's membership dues.

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