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Lisa Goes to India – Children’s Book About Travel

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The fourth book in the Lisa Goes To travel children’s book series finds Lisa, Holly, Jonathan and Daniel traveling to India.  Adventure, mischief and magic always accompanies them on each adventure.  What will happen this time?
Hello! Patrick Adams here. I have written a new children’s book called Lisa Goes to India, and now want to get it illustrated and bring it to life. It will be the fourth installment of my series of children’s travel books looking to tell a great story and teach children about places around the world. In the Lisa Goes To series, the characters are based on my own children and their personalities shine through in these stories! As for me, I visited India in 2014, and many of the places I saw inspired me to include them in this book.
I have self funded the first three books in the series. For Lisa Goes to India, to get this out, I needed to seek an alternate route of financing. The funds will be used for the following:
1) Illustrations,
2) Text Setting,
3) .mobi File Creation for Kindle, and
4) .epub File Creation for other eBook formats.

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Project Rewards
Pledge $1 or more
An E-Mail Thank You
I will send you a personal Thank You message for supporting my book
Pledge $10 or more
Acknowledgement in the Book
With a pledge of $10, your name will be listed in my page of Thank You's for supporting the book.
Pledge $15 or more
Prints of a Sketched Scene
With a pledge of $15, I will print a copy of sketch illustration of your choice and mail it to you.
Pledge $20 or more
Autographed Paperback Copy
Receive an autographed copy of Lisa Goes to India from me upon the release of the book
Pledge $50 or more
Prints of an Illustrated Scene
With a pledge of $50, I will print a high quality copy of a full color illustration of your choice and mail it to you.
Pledge $50 or more
Autographed Copies of All 4 Lisa Books
I'll send you a signed copy of each book in the Lisa series
Pledge $250 or more
Name Two Characters!
There are two monkeys in the book that need names. I will ask that the names be Indian in origin. You will receive an acknowledgement in the book.
Pledge $500 or more
Your Likeness in a Book Scene
Four people will be able to submit their photo and I will have my illustrator draw them into a scene at the Taj Mahal. Acknowledgement will be in the book, listing you by name.

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