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To transition the Low Impact Hydropower Certification Program to a modern digital online platform.

The purpose of this RFP is for LIHI to select the best proposal and retain the services of a consultant qualified to migrate LIHI’s existing administrative processes to a cloud-­‐based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and to train LIHI staff and contractors to use the new CRM system for an easy transition. The RFP should include the following essential deliverables:

  • Develop Online LIHI Application Portal
  • Migrate all existing records to CRM and online Record Management System
  • Integrate Application Portal with CRM System
  • Customize a project management Dashboard integrated with all systems

A Plan to Modernize LIHI’s Application Process…
The Low Impact Hydropower Institute (LIHI) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation established in 1999 to operate the Low Impact Hydropower Certification program.  The core of the Certification program focuses on eight objective environmental criteria, including:

  • Ecological Flow Regimes
  • Water Quality Protection
  • Upstream Fish Passage
  • Downstream Fish Passage and Protection
  • Watershed and Shoreline Protection
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Protection
  • Cultural and Historic Resource Protection
  • Recreational Resources

Since the program began, LIHI certification has become the most widely accepted, independent standard for electricity consumers to use in evaluating “green” and sustainable hydropower in the U.S.   In the past fifteen+ years LIHI has issued more than 130 low impact certificates, affecting projects in 23 states, with a combined installed capacity of more than 4.8 GW of clean, environmentally sound renewable energy.  That’s a lot of benefit to rivers, healthy fish, protected watersheds, investments in recreation and cultural resources!  There has also a significant amount of growth to our workload, and our information management systems and databases have grown outdated and inefficient.
This Indiegogo campaign is designed to raise funds for the construction and implementation of a new online application portal (LIHI Online) to manage the Low Impact Hydropower Certification application process as well as a more sophisticated data base and workflow management system for all LIHI program information.  LIHI Online will provide varying levels of access to a range of stakeholders:

  • Project applicants and owners would have secure log in to access to their own accounts, to complete the LIHI application materials, upload supporting documentation, update changes to contact information and access all stored files pertaining to their certification(s) at all phases of the certificate process.
  • Staff will be able to access all project accounts to perform a range of duties, including processing new applications, billing and account updates, annual compliance review and more.
  • Independent Reviewers will be provided with access to individual accounts as they are assigned application review tasks.
  • Environmental NGOs and Resource Agency Staff will be offered access to valuable aggregate information about river ecosystems that LIHI collects through our certification program.

LIHI Online will also interface with LIHI’s website, www.lowimpacthydro.org, to ensure that the information displayed on the website is accurate and current.

About Project Creator:
LIHI aut-minDana Hall has been the Deputy Director of the Low Impact Hydropower Institute since February 1, 2013.  She first joined the Governing Board as Secretary in October 2009. Before joining LIHI as staff, Dana Hall was an attorney practicing in New York and New Jersey, offering legal and regulatory support services for a range of clean energy clientele. With experience as an energy policy analyst and educator, tracking energy policy developments at the state regional and national level, Dana also taught Solar Policy and Economics, as well as other courses at The Cooper Union School of Continuing Education, Green Building Design Program. View Full Bio

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funding goal

Project Rewards
$100 USD
LIHI Lapel Pin
A handsome and elegant lapel pin with the LIHI fish logo design.
$200 USD
LIHI Canvas Tote Bag
A recycled cotton, responsibly produced, fair wage/fair labor canvas tote bag decorated with the LIHI logo.
$2000 USD
Free Intake Review
For use on an intake application of the donor's choosing.
$5000 USD
Dinner with LIHI Staff
You and a friend will be invited to an elegant dinner with Mike Sale and Dana Hall during the HydroVision International conference, taking place between July 25 and July 29, 2016 in Minneapolis.

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