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Life Lessons for students, written by a Life Coach who wished more was taught in schools to deal with all manner of experiences to cope
I have developed this eight-part lesson program as the first in a series which teaches students about confidence, clarity, purpose, understanding, awareness, choice, boundaries and so much more. The aim is to teach the students to be more aware and better prepared for life as they grow into adulthood. They will start to identify what makes themselves and others ‘tick’.
The pilot course has been designed for students aged 11-13 years, as I believe this is the most receptive stage to integrate these teachings. They will be mature enough to understand the concepts, and still willing to think and reason independently.
The 20 minute lessons include a short film on each topic, and a work-book (in either digital file or printed format), containing visual, audio and kinaesthetic educational activities and tools to create new neural pathways. The teacher/learning advisor will be supplied with a guide book to facilitate the lessons.
The students who participate in this course will be more equipped to enter their teens. They will better negotiate education choices, how they’re best suited to earn an income (managing that well), and future relationships. This will result in happier, well-adjusted teens, young adults and adults. The skills taught will help the students to deal with life-happenings in a healthy manner.
I enjoy nothing better than coaching people to coach themselves (and their loved ones as they lead by example).
About Project Creator:

Julia Elizabeth Taylor James
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Passionate about educating, inspiring and up-skilling.
Qualified as a Master Practioner NLP, HNLP Coach, Strategic Intervention Coach, Divorce Prevention Counsellor. Dip. Human Resource Management
Parent of three outstanding young adults in their twenties.
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