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Let’s Help Everyone Love Themselves More A Book, Program, and Course to Love Yourself More

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There is a sacredness within all life, and that includes you, me, and everyone we know! Rekindle the spark of authentic self love through the book, online course, and coaching program.
When we remember our connection with life itself as one human family, we also remember we are truly loveable at our core. When we FEEL lovable, it is much easier to be kind and extend that love to other members of our extended human family. Imagine with me… this loving wisdom can cascade into a snowball effect that will transform human lives everywhere, and help our planet.
The core “why” of this project is to make this potent self-love memo available to everyone, all around the world. She has also created the Fall In Love with You Global Online Summit as a free offering towards this aim, as a component of this project, at
everyone-1Chireya Fox is an author, guide and clairvoyant who assists people in overcoming challenges and awakening to their highest choices in life. When suffering with challenges and difficulties, it is sometimes hard to “see beyond the trenches” into what’s actually transpiring behind the scenes. The insight Chireya provides allows people to dissolve old patterns and blocks that have been inhibiting well-being, positive relationships, and prosperity, so that crystal clarity can emerge. When there is clarity, there is the ability to navigate and find one’s truest expression.
Chireya provides wisdom teachings in her books, programs, and courses. Her work is complimentary to the teachings of A Course In Miracles, Abraham-Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Conversations with God, and
Tony Robbins. Her booksUnlocked & Unleashed: The God Within You,” “Love’s Whisperings: Authentic Spiritual Development” are currently available on Her newest book “Fall In Love with the Beloved Within” is being funded by the campaign mentioned below. She also has numerous other books in pre-publication, and over 30 years experience with spiritual and energetic healing. She is also the founder of Pure Living Expo and co-producer of  One Love Experience.
The Team
A passionate group of people fully dedicated to making this wonderful project.
Milos Radovanovic – Campaign Manager

Holly Chantal – Branding Expert

Jeremy G. Nail – Promotions Coordinator

Pao Alcantara – Web Designer

Patty Lennon – Coach

Trevor Devol – Media Advisor

Jerad Hobaugh – Filmmaker, Elevate Studios

Ryan Mandell – Publicity Advisor

Kat – Editor
Chireya has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $17,000. The funds raised will be used for the following expenses: Editing; printing; illustration; cover design; audio book recording; e-book formatting; production of a beautiful trailer by Mikki Willis’ team at Elevate Studios; distribution and library book sales; all aspects of administration for publishing; social media; and book marketing, including graphic design, setting up book signings, and an official launch in Los Angeles at Conscious Life Expo in February.
You’ve read this far. You’re ready to support. THANK YOU! But everyone loves perks. Take a look at what they’ve got to offer!

  • Custom Affirmations Script
  • Your name will be mentioned on the Fall In Love with You Summit website
  • “Fall In Love” Signed Copy
  • “Fall In Love” Book Audio
  • You’ll receive the first two books of the Codes of Union Series – “Fall In Love with the Beloved Within: Source Speaks”, “Unlocked and Unleashed: The God Within You” along with the audio and e-book versions of both books, a virtual high five on
  • Ancestral Lineage Clearing
  • LoveYourselfMore Online Course
  • LoveYour Life Coaching Program

Thank you so much for any help you’re able to give. And please forward this campaign to anyone you think may be interested and willing to help.
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funding goal

Project Rewards
$125 USD
Custom Affirmations Script+
Chireya will tune into your spiritual guides to create a personalized affirmations script and wisdom transmission for you based on your 10 greatest challenges and 10 deepest desires. READ MORE
$10 USD
Shout Out on Summit Page+
Your name will be mentioned on the Fall In Love with You Summit website and our Facebook page as a supporter. Thank you!
$15 USD + Shipping
"Fall In Love" Signed Copy
Chireya will be absolutely delighted and grateful to have the honor of signing this book with a special spiritual message, just for you! READ MORE
$25 USD + Shipping
"Fall In Love" Book, Audio
You'll receive the custom message in your signed copy of "Fall In Love with the Beloved Within," plus the audio and e-book version of the book. READ MORE
$50 USD + Shipping
Both Books, Audios, & Ebooks
You'll receive the first two books of the Codes of Union Series - "Fall In Love with the Beloved Within: Source Speaks", READ MORE
$150 USD + Shipping
Ancestral Lineage Clearing+
Family patterns got you down? Chireya can help dissolve and delete old blockages in your life that come from this ancestral history. 45-minute Ancestral Lineage Clearing Session. READ MORE
$250 USD + Shipping
LoveYourself More Breakthrough
Here's an extra special perk for campaign champs: Two 45 minute Love Yourself More Breakthrough Sessions! Reconnect with the Source Within and unleash your deepest wisdom, courage, and magnificence for your life, your career, and your relationships! READ MORE
$500 USD
LoveYourselfMore Online Course
Are you fully aware of how LOVABLE and POWERFUL you are? This 8-week Course will rock you back into LOVE with yourself! Recognize your Oneness with All Life. Tap into your original essence. READ MORE
$1000 USD + Shipping
LoveYour Life Coaching Program
Attune, Align, Dissolve & Design! 3-month one on one Premium Coaching Program. Unleash your deepest wisdom, courage, and magnificence to empower your life and career! READ MORE

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