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The novel is on Amazon, the Screenplay was first. Tear Jerker, Strong Female Character. Sleepless and Elvira Madigan with Edge.
Kaya is in her 30’s and married to a Swedish Jazz Musician. “Kaya” is beautiful, exotic, creative artsy and intelligent- she stands out in a crowd, to Justin, at least!
Justin is a 30 ish good looking successful businessman;  happily married with two wonderful kids and a beautiful wife.
He has it all!  Except Kaya,  his High School Sweetheart  and he can’t get her off his mind.
This character-driven story explores this basic human quest to “see,” the alternatives in our lives- routes not traveled.
Justin is obsessed, Kaya is unknowable and Justin need to know!
Kaya and Justin come to see more- through a fast paced and wacky story the consequences of their actions on themselves and others.
“Everyman has a “Kaya,” somewhere in his past and everywoman to one degree or another is “Kaya” to someone.”
About Project Creator:
Victor Goodman
If anyone asks me what I do? I think the best answer is that I am like an octopus! Why must one go down just one stream or travel down just one road? I have done many things in the creative and commercial fields and even in the educational worlds. For me, life should not be limited to just one task. That said, all of these worlds can be rewarding, for you can be a great teacher and your lessons live on in your students. You can be a great businessman, and your enterprises can meet the needs of your employees,
feed them and their children and allow them to live and grow or you can be an artist and feed people’s spirit. All of these things are useful, none more or less. Or you may sweep a floor or hoe and garden and be as wise and great as all of those above, I have been a father and a husband, perhaps the most challenging and demanding task. I would judge myself on what I have done for others? What do we owe ourselves?
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