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Jetty Rae’s Brand New Album “Can’t Curse the Free”

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About the artist: Jetty Rae
Singer-songwriter Jetty Rae has been singing, touring, and recording since 2006. A native of snowy Michigan, she moved to sunny Hawaii for two years and discovered her of love of putting her volumes of poetry to music. Soon after she picked up the guitar and had her first regular gigs at a place called “Dirty Jakes.”
Over the course of the next 10 years she’d write, record and produce 8 albums: Blackberries (2007), Nobody (2009); La La Lu and the Lazy Moon (2011); Drowning in Grain (2012); Climbing Clouds (2013); More than December (2014); Forever & Always (2015); and Pen Pals: Gold (2015).
Her career garnered accolades such as a CMJ-charted album, features by MTV, numerous high-profile contest wins, invitations from musical celebrities to open their shows, successful crowdfunding campaigns, her music licensed for nationally televised commercials, album production by Grammy award winning producers… Slowly but surely Jetty’s music has made ripples in the otherwise congested female singer-songwriter genre.
Accolades and accomplishments aside, Jetty’s fans appreciate her connection to suffering, her “real” take on life, inspiring prose sung through song, and sultry voice the sound of which comes deep from with an old soul.
Recently, after traveling thousands of miles on backroads and byways, Rae heeded the call for a life unconventional. Taking a leap deep faith she let go of most of what she owned and took up residence in a vintage ‘79 Airstream. Her tribe in tow, (husband, 2 children and pug), their new permanent address is a silver bullet – the kind you see glimmering in the sun from time to time being towed down the interstate.
Jetty’s new untethered lifestyle is the ultimate expression of both her artistic and personal freedom. “I inherited my nomadic nature from my Grandmother, the original Jetty Rae” she explains. “Her love of the open road and wanderlust spirit exemplifies who I am today. I love the idea of being rich in adventure vs. being rich in stuff and things.”

About the new album: Can’t Curse the Free

Rae’s new album, Can’t Curse the Free, draws from her experiences untethered, meeting characters and soaking in iconic western scenery. “There is such a inspirational severity in the western landscape. It captured my imagination.” It’s her first full-length release in more than four years.
The 10 songs that make up the new record are hopeful, determined and resilient, as Rae filters her own experience through the perspectives of the characters she’s writing about here.
“Queen of the Universe” was written for someone who was having familial trouble. “It’s about a power struggle and I crafted the song to ease the tension.”
“Take me to the Mountain” was the first song I ever wrote on a drum loop.  It has a twinge of an old gospel hymn and there’s a good amount of longing in it. It’s the “cry of your soul” kind of song. I wanted to honor my Native American roots in this song… I channelled the vistas you’d see in the place my grandmother grew up in Happy Camp CA.”
On “In the Garden,” Rae sings about a mom who lost both of her sons, her voice a comforting salve over accompaniment that builds from sparse guitar and a hint of brushed drums to something anthemic and heartfelt.
The title track, “Can’t Curse the Free,” was written at the bequest of Rae’s 17 year old brother. “It’s about an imaginary character who feels cursed, and needs to break out. The victory, however, is that there is no curse great enough to hold captive a truly free spirit.
“I hope that when people hear my songs they hear their own stories being told back to them.  As a songwriter I want to help people understand themselves on a new level and think – that is exactly what I’ve been trying to articulate for myself.” Rae says.  “These songs are for the down and outers, the lost and hopeless, for the longing the troubled. There is hope, and it’s in connection. We will connect, you and I, through these songs.”

About the Project: PledgeMusic Campaign
In order to reach those who care most about music, Jetty Rae is promoting a crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMusic. By pledging, you will be a part of creating this album and making it possible! As a special thank you for your support you will receive the tracks “Queen of the Universe” and “Can’t Curse the Free” for immediate download after ordering! PLUS pledgers will receive the AccessPass download of the new album on February 10 – one whole week before its worldwide release!

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