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Iron heart the device from CareLK, is the first of its kind. It is a badge using voice recognition and voice reader to communicate with the user via the headset for real monitoring. Users can get their performances on a smart phone just by downloading the Iron Heart application for both iOS and android connecting it to the device via bluetooth.
The voice recognition system allow the users to select which data is important for them. No more wasting time to look for the data while training. Even better, the data can be uploaded on a web platform to be later analyzed and monitor the progress. There is also the option to plan meals, schedule future training sessions, visualize the performance and health data with a chart. For professional athletes, an interface for coach is also available for real monitoring.
By recording meals and training sessions, users have a better understanding of their performance. Finally a complete kit to monitor health and workout.
Iron heart is waterproof made for sports such as rowing, swimming where the athletes can not use a smartwatch. The bluetooth headset comes with the device is also 100% waterproof.

About CareLK Ltd:

CareLK Ltd. is a start-up company founded in 2016 and based in the UK. Our mission is to revolutionize health care and public health using the start-of-the-art telemedicine and big data technologies. CareLK vision is to develop and utilize mobile health technologies and services to get more accurate and swift solutions for monitoring, diagnosing, and managing treatment of patients while reducing the burden and cost of public heath institution despite the rising challenges of modern lifestyle.
We aim to make health care easily accessible and therefore available and affordable. CareLK offers an integrated comprehensive platform of managing clinics’ and patients’ information with cutting age real-time biometric data monitoring mobile hardware.
As of CareLK foundation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is at the heart of what we do. CareLK Ltd. develop and deploy AI and data analytics to explore a large research domain in order to improve quality of life, emphasize disease prevention over treatment and advancing stratified medicine.
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$90 000

funding goal

Project Rewards
c99 USD + Shipping
one iron heart fitness device.
The iron heart fitness device.
$20 USD + Shipping
compression tee-shirt
short sleeve for male and female
$25 USD + Shipping
Compression Tee-shirt
Compression Tee-shirt long sleeve version for male and female
$49 USD + Shipping
Bluetooth Headset
compatibility with all brand mobile phones * Design: Over the head, adjustable with microphone * Power supply: USB & lithium battery (included) * Rechargeable 120MA / 3.7v lithium battery constantly working for 8 hours * TF Card slot to support 512MB/1GB/2GB/4GB/ 8GB/16GB/32GB TF Card For MP3 Player (to insert in the TF-flash card) * Built-in high quality MP3 decoding & FM ST. radio (87.5-108.00MHz) *stereo bluetooth module
$99 USD + Shipping
Shoulder Brace
high quality shoulder brace for male and female
$149 USD + Shipping
Device kit(Headset+Iron Heart)
Bluetooth Headset + iron heart fitness device
$250 USD + Shipping
Full set (All in one)
Iron Heart device + Bluetooth Headset + Compression tee-shirt Short and Long Sleeve + Brace Shoulder
$450 USD + Shipping
2 full sets
2 bluetooth headsets + 2 iron heart devices + 2 Tee shirts long sleeves+ 2 tee-shirts shorts sleeves+ 2 shoulder braces
$5000 USD + Shipping
the group set
25 headset + 25 devices + 25 tee shirt long sleeves + 25 short sleeves + 25 shoulder braces

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