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InUPress.ca is creating a desktop publishing home for writers of serial short fantasy fiction stories and books to be published.
Inevitable Unicorn Press started out to offset an issue with other traditional publishers. InUPress was set up in Rusty’s Den to self-publish, and then ideas grew from there. Seeing others struggling with doubts in their writing, Rusty Knight has setup a platform to illustrate, for the writers, a place to get published without intimidating forms and formalities.
InUPress is also a place where members of the Fellowship of the Scribbler’s, a writing fellowship, can have a voice in Dalan e-zine. It is a place where Rusty Knight has a voice for his series which he writes, as well other writers can submit to become known as authors, so it’s a win for many.
It is especially a win for the readers who get fresh material to read, at reasonable rates, from new up-and-coming scribblers. It is also a platform to launch Rusty Knight’s own products, such as Laret, Bloodgrue’s Season and Bard & Dragoman: The Beginning. It is also a place for readers of the world to enjoy and discuss.
InUPress has signed a license to publish a steampunk novel with Eric J Kregel so look forward to the Exhaust coming soon.
inpress-2Rusty Knight (owner of InUPress) writer of the Owertonna Challenge  blog and author of the Dragoman Bloodgrue e-series serial short stories, also builds and repairs computers when not building blogs and web pages. Rusty tends towards writing in the fantasy or sci-fi genres but has won an award as best new poet from the American Poetry Society in 1982. Rusty is the lead moderator and administrator of the local writing group, Fellowship of the Scribblers. Currently Rusty is working on a fantasy novel titled, Laret, due out in 2017. Preferring writing to watching TV, Rusty can more likely be found at his computer desk, than at a TV. Rusty works to serve people, helping people to be seen and heard.
InUPress.ca set out to specialize in serial short stories and books, in multiple formats. Currently, they are selling their work in downloadable form as well as print on, InUPress, Amazon and Kobo. They are expanding into printing, using print-on-demand sites, as well we have accessed audible formats.
Rusty says “We have three authors we are working with, and are negotiating with two more for future work. Our current workspace is a partially finished corner of a basement. We have an antiquated phone system along with our custom built desktop computers, a printer, and a basic networking system.”
The Team
Rusty has started a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $19,000. The funds raised will be used to finish the rooms, add a server, update the phone system, and install better software for their publishing setup systems. To add updated computer software, recording hardware and software and a stronger network.
You’ve read this far. You’re ready to support. THANK YOU! But everyone loves perks. Take a look at what they’ve got to offer!
For more information, please visit Inevitable Unicorn Press’s Kickstarter page:
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Pledge $10 or more
Reward for $10 backers
You will receive a downloadable copy of InUPress' book, "Bloodgrue, Volume one' a collection of four fantasy serial short stories wrote by Rusty Knight
Pledge $20 or more
Reward for $20 backers
This is a reward of two downloadable volumes which we supply the link when the project successfully cluses
Pledge $100 or more
Rward for $100 backers
You will receive a paperback copy of Rusty Knight's fantasy novel, 'Laret'. Also a copy of InUPress' book, 'Bloodgrue, Volume two' a collection of six fantasy serial short stories by Rusty Knight.

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