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The Who and What


Hello Everyone!
Tavonna Nira and Guðjón Örn here. With our team of tradesmen, engineers and specialists we are starting a farm in Norway where people can visit, stay & experience activities that promote well-being. The farm will have trails, gardens, amphitheater, venue spaces, and serve as a cold-climate demonstration homestead. It’s called GledeGaard – roughly translated, means Happy Farm.

The Why

For Love and Happiness – GledeGaard is a dedication to natural simplicity, knowledge and creating  good for the community and those who will take over after us – our children [including floofs – aka other living creatures]. Through permaculture design, the farm gives back to the world not only by being sustainable, but also by regenerating natural resources like cleaner air, water and fertile soils. GledeGaard goal is to contribute to the betterment of community (local, regional & international) through nature and its products.
All within the beautiful Norwegian landscape.
Our Mission is to contribute to The Happy Planet Index by reducing our ecological footprint and increasing happiness through our services and permaculture methods.
Our Vision is to create and demonstrate lifestyles where human happiness and well-being does not cost the Earth, our ultimate scarce and finite resource.
Our philosophy is to revere the balance of Nature, create symbiotic relationships with creatures in our habitat and be stewards acting in reflection of our philosophy. 

Where are the Contributions going?

The funds are going to the purchase & final design of the property (88%), while the rest goes to IndieGoGo/PayPal processing fees (10%) and Perks (2%).


You might ask, “What’s in it for me?”

Would you say you like breathing clean air, drinking clean water, eating yummy food, nature, farm stays, permaculture, local business, art or academia? You would get to directly and intimately support a project that inspires and maintains values you cherish, things of interest and the environment. Additionally, your contributions have a lasting effect on future generations and many of the features are the farm will be dedicated to those who supported its establishment.

What will be on the farm?


Its permaculture functional design will allow visitors to incorporate 5 daily actions that lead to well-being and happiness. We are looking to implement the following as the property allows:

  • 1) Be Active: activity areas to get you moving – Obstacle, orientation and parkour course; Wheelchair accessible walking/biking/skiing paths
  • 2) Be Connected: gathering areas to keep you close to the people you cherish – Barn with ‘tiny house’ rooms and venue space; Farm-stay cabins; Camping areas; Fire-pits; Amphitheater; 4 season Garden – also wheelchair accessible
  • 3) Be Mindful: opportunities to interact with your surroundings – Farm animal contact; Wild nature contact; Natural resource awareness; Organic farming methods
  • 4) Be Curious: stimulation for your mind – Hidden trails; Nordic rune signs; Art in the landscape; Workshops; Labyrinth market garden; Research & Development
  • 5) Be Generous: a system that nurtures altruistic giving – Pay it forward farm-stays for others; Assisting less-able visitors; Donation (books, funds, time, etc); Volunteer to help around the farm  and gain farm experience (WWOOFing)


Will there be animals?

Cows, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits, hedgehogs, ducks, farm cat, farm dog and farmer are the animals that we are looking to have on the property. Depending on property allowances, climate and vet care, we will be able to have most if not all of them.


What will the farm produce?

The farm will primarily provide services associated with venues, such as farm-stays, workshops, internships, and data collection. The homestead will maintain farming adequate to meet the needs of the people working on the farm. Later we are seeking to expand this to farm-to-table products, and should the local market and farm capacity allow, we will participate in local markets and CSAs.



The Current Challenges

Time is of the essence. As properties are publicly for sale, we are up against other very competitive bidders, for example – established commercial farms with excess capital. Additionally, banks are hesitant to take on the risk of a farm property concerning resale. Oddly enough, not everyone wants to be a farmer. Therefore, we have taken steps to ensure we can give a competitive offer and meet the financial institutions halfway.

  • We have amassed support in advance to ensure the best possibility for campaign success
  • We will match the first 15,000USD in contributions.
  • We have also applied for grants and funding that will be granted upon property purchase
  • We have assembled a team over experienced tradesmen, engineers, designers, investors and farmer who have committed their time, income and resources to establishing this farm
  • We have cut down on perks that require shipping, while retaining value to contributors – Shipping in and from Norway is very costly and would detract greatly form the contributions of backers
  • The start-up schedule is conservative so that we can establish a solid profitable infrastructure with minimal risk to the project
  • The revenue designated to support the farm start-up has been insured in the event of injury, illness or death.
  • We have baby floof picture…so so sooo cute.



Can one have Happiness as a product?

We think so.While we wish we could bottle up some happiness and sell it in charming brown paper packages, happiness cannot be produced in that sense. Anyone who says otherwise may be picking your pockets.
It is through the many products and opportunities of the farm that contribute to the well-being that happiness is obtained. We didn’t think of this lightly with unrealistic idealistic optimism.  The pioneers of this concept is the New Economics Foundation (NEF) with their Happy Planet Index (HPI). Their statisticians have done extensive research, calculations and published the information for improving businesses and informing the public. The HPI, in conjunction with our Holistic Management, is the foundation and control used to present and measure our happiness product. The farms activities are created to allow people to exercise the 5 actions identified to increase well-being´, and thereby increase their happiness.
**For those curious folks wanting to know more, here is an extremely informative video about HPI put out by the NEF of their presentation for a TED talk.


How you can help

Contribute to our campaign to further this project and share it on social media and email. We have designed perks we believe you will love that make you an everlasting part of our farm.
We understand not everyone can give financially, so we ask that you share this on social media and more importantly via email. By emailing, you are making a more intimate contribution and people respond to genuine communication.
Please feel free to give us your ideas and suggestions for perks. We would love to hear from you and most definitely wish you to visit the farm.


Our Sincerest Gratitude and Well Wishes,


Tavonna & Guðjón

Additional information:
GledeGaard’s Organization number: 911 721 821
Link to the Project:


funding goal

Project Rewards
$25 USD
Nordic Rune Pathway Paver
Join the GledeGaard Walk of Fame with your name in Nordic Runes, engraved in colored walkway pavers--Personal thank you email with our Death by Chocolate Cupcake and Whipped Chocolate Frosting Recipe--AND your name will be listed on the GledeGaard Facebook page and website.
$5 USD
Good Vibes Contributor
Even the little things mean a lot - Get a heartfelt Thank you post on our Facebook page & website for your contribution to the giving spirit of our project.
$15 USD
Farm Doodles & Foodles
Get a doodle of yourself drawn as the farm floof of your choice (Cow, Sheep, Pig, Chicken, Hedgehog, Goat, Duck, Rabbit, Bee, Cat or Dog) emailed along with thank you and GledeGaard´s Recipe cards for Death by Chocolate Cupcake, Whipped Chocolate Frosting, Mulled Wine (Gløgg) and Popcorn balls--AND your name will be listed on the GledeGaard Facebook page and website.
$50 USD
A Tree Planting
Make an everlasting print with a tree or bush planted in your name. *Shrubbery plantings for interested Knights who say 'Ni'*--Personal thank you email with our Death by Chocolate Cupcake & Whipped Chocolate Frosting recipe--AND your name will be listed on the GledeGaard Facebook page and website.
$85 USD
Runic Founder Stone
Your name in Nordic Runes engraved in a stone sourced from the property that will be used in the first art piece located on the farm--Video Tour of the Farm--Written thank you for your support-- email with our Death by Chocolate Cupcake & Whipped Chocolate Frosting recipe--AND your name will be listed on the GledeGaard Facebook page and website.
$100 USD
Come for Dinner
Join us for dinner on the farm--get a tour of the property & GledeGaard .5Liter beer stein** If you cannot make it in person: Video Tour, w/personal greeting and we´ll mail you a GledeGaard .5Liter beer stein--Get a tree/bush planted in your name--written thank you--runic stone of your name added to the contributor´s monument--email w/Death by Chocolate Cupcake, Whipped Chocolate Frosting, Mulled Wine & Popcorn ball recipes--AND your name listed on the GledeGaard Facebook page and website.
$550 USD
Honorary BeerStein founder
Personalized 1Liter beer stein w/ lid (Name & GledeGaard Logo) that is placed on the farm for your use only--3 day Farmstay, meals included, at GledeGaard--a Farm Tour--Tree planting in your name--written thank you letter--Runic stone of your name added to monument--Outdoor grill pit placed on the farm in your honor--email w/Death by Chocolate Cupcake, Whipped Chocolate Frosting, Mulled Wine & Popcorn ball recipes--AND your name will be listed on the GledeGaard Facebook page and website.

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