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Green Ocean Challenge is a project by 5 kids and their supportive parents (who are also doubling as deckhands). It is a ride on an electric boat that captures critical information about the welfare of oceans and their micro-particles and micro-organisms. Above all, it is a wonderful step forward for environmental conservation, as the children will travel to 26 countries in 26 months, educating others along the way about the importance of a cleaner, greener future. Consider that global warming has reached its peak in 2017. More than 1 million species of flora and fauna are undergoing extinction because habitats are disappearing and oceans are becoming acidic due to climate change. To date, CO2 levels in the 20th century have been the highest in 650,000 years, with a rising percentage of carbon dioxide levels threatening to engulf the world in toxic poison.

What’s worse is that humans are perpetuating this cycle– a staggering 37 billion MT of CO2 is released on an annual basis by people. There’s science behind the Green Ocean Challenge as the catamaran for the trip has twin electric engines fueled by solar energy, wind energy and captured tow energy. Scientists partnering this unique initiative to save planet earth have worked with NIVA (Norwegian Institute for Water Research), the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center. But what makes this initiative unique are its team of children, members of a generation that is giving hope and momentum to the climate change movement at such a young age. This unique ecological initiative is the legacy of a generation that fights to save planet earth from imminent destruction through research, activism and awareness. Take the Green Ocean Challenge today and find out just how a rising tide can lift all boats.
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