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Free your mind, free yourself

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1) “Prejudice”
When two roommates who highly dislike each other are forced to spend time together because of a tornado, they find out that they have way more in common than they could have ever imagined…
2) “Ride”
Off-Broadway. Night time. A Turkish pedicab driver hails a good looking actress. Not completely unusual, is it? She’s got the looks, she’s got the part, and she’s pursuing her dream. He’s a foreigner, he’s got a not so glorious job, and he’s probably not that wise. Right? Not quite. She’s lost and unsatified, while he’s grounded and happy. The lesson? He’ll tell her. They’ll tell you.

Contemporary/experimental style. Why ? … Or why not?! Dancing is freeing, and has the amazing ability to convey powerful messages without a word or a sound other than the music setting up the tone and leading the moves.
If the plays are the singers of this show, the dances are the instruments – they shall go together.

As simple and obvious as the words « free your mind, free yourself »  say it : if you free your mind up, you’ll free yourself up, which will indirectly also help others by « playing your honest card » and owning up to your position in society, instead of letting society tell you what card to play.
So free ourselves from what exactly ? From ideas we have of things, of ourselves, of other people… What a “great job” is, what a “good person” looks like, what we “should do” and who we should be, as well as others around us. The truth is, there is no “who we should be” and “what we should do” other than being whom we truly want to be by doing what makes our heart beat.
We are humans. We are society. We all matter. On different levels, we all have an impact on each other and need each other. And at the end of the day, we’re just and only evolved animals with basic needs at the core : health and love.
You know the blinders we put on horses so they can’t get scared by what’s around ? Maybe that’s what we tend to put on as well. So why not remove the blinders and choose to see ? Why not promoting love instead of fear, and accept, even cherish the differences between each other ?
Don’t be a prisoner, set yourself free!

I (writer/producer) moved to NYC a few years ago, and am realizing the impact this city has had on me and the person I’m becoming thanks to it. Part of it is that it’s made me way more understanding of myself and others, which made me more accepting as well, and more at peace as a result. But it’s also made me very much aware of the way we tend to behave when we don’t know about something or someone: we are scared, we assume, we put in boxes, we judge, and overall we just hurt ourselves and others.
Hurt? Yes, hurt. We miss opportunities to connect and bound with others, we put so much pressure on ourselves with fulfilling ideas that in the end are just ideas and truly are empty of meaning to US, we miss the moment by working towards “becoming” instead of being… and so on.
So since I am an artist and not a spokesperson… I wanted to share my feelings and ideas in a lighter way with a wonderful team of talented artists- with art. With stories. By showing, instead of saying.

Cause we can’t do a great show without you !
If you’ve read the above and agree, or are intrigued, if you want to come laugh and cry with us, or if you simply want to help artists make art and touch others, then I believe this is something you’d like to help us bring to life.
What your money will go towards ? Paying for the space, the design, the costumes, the prints, the team… All that makes a show, a show.

The director: Renoly Santiago.
Renoly is known to audiences worldwide for his memorable performances starring with Hollywood’s most respected actors in four number one blockbuster films.  He made his film debut in ‘Dangerous Minds’ alongside Michelle Pfeiffer. His movie credits include: ‘Hackers’ with Angelina Jolie, ‘Daylight’ with Sylvester Stallone, also ‘Con Air’ with Nicolas Cage and John Malkovich. He appears in indie films such as ‘Punks’ at Sundance Film Festival, ‘The Street King’, ‘Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy’ and ‘Lavoe: The Untold Story’, as Latin music legend Johnny Pacheco. Among his episodic television appearances are guest leads in ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent’, ‘Touched by an Angel’, ‘Big Apple’ and ‘Stand Up’. Renoly was nominated for a Drama Desk Award by the press as Outstanding Featured Performer in a Musical in his Broadway debut ‘The Capeman’ written and composed by Paul Simon.  He starred alongside Marc Anthony, Ednita Nazario and Ruben Blades. He has appeared in many off-Broadway productions under such notable directors as Liz Swados in Lincoln Center, in workshops with Graciella Danielle in ‘Blood Wedding’ and Gabriel Barre in the Kander & Ebb musical ‘Skin of Our Teeth’.

The writer and producer: Mathilde Dehaye.
Mathilde moved from Belgium to NYC right upon graduation to pursue an acting career. With one year left at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute and a yearly writing contest coming up, she decides to take a playwriting class and to have people read her for the first time. She later submits her full length play ‘Snow White and The Beast’ to The Strasberg Works writing contest. She wins the award (2014) picked by Margaret Ladd (Falcon Crest, A Wedding, Mozart in the Jungle) who became her writing adviser, and the play is tapped for production in July 2014. After a full theatre every night and many messages from people touched by the show, Mathilde’s next ambition became to utilize her writing to get a deeper involvement with her work. The adaptation of the play into a short film (‘Rhythm in Me’) to pitch a feature made its way to CANNES Film Festival 2016, and Mathilde continues to write future projects that hopefully will move as many people as possible.

The choreographers: Kianna Moye and Katie Kilbourn.
Born Dance Company is a team of collaborating artists led by New York based choreographers Kianna Moye and Katie Kilbourn. Although both choreographers of Borne Dance Co. vary in artistic nuance, they share a common goal of creating work that is communally driven. Moye and Kilbourn began their relationship as collaborators, while studying Dance at the University of the Arts, in Philadelphia. After graduating in 2013, they have gone on to produce, create, and explore their art in New York City. Borne offers donation based shows that incorporate dance, music, and media art in hopes to inspire and share different art forms with a wide range of audience members.Their goal is to raise awareness and educate their audience on different social, psychological, and communal issues through artistic expression.
Since moving to New York, Katie Kilbourn has had the opportunity to dance with several companies including Balasole, J/D Dansfolk, IKADA, and Sammy J Dance. Her choreography has been performed at The Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theatre, The Brick Theatre, The Chain, and The Pearl.
Since graduating, Moye has had the opportunity work with critically acclaimed choreographer Sidra Bell as a productions assistant as well present her own work along side Kilbourn and other New York based artists.



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funding goal

Project Rewards
$10 USD
Thank you voice
We will all thank you outloud with our voices at the end of the show, besides thanking you with our hearts beforehand.
$35 USD
Thank you card
We will send you a card signed by all of us to thank you with our ink, besides thanking you with our hearts beforehand.
$50 USD
Get a personalized "Free your mind, free yourself" T-shirt, customized by one of our artists.
$75 USD
Dvd + card
We will send you a tape of the show for you to watch over and over again if you wish to, as well as a signed card.
$100 USD
Dance class
Get a semi private 90 minutes dance class with 4 other people only, taught by choreographers Katie Kilbourn & Kianna Moye.
$150 USD
Private industry consultation
Get a one hour private consultation with Renoly Santiago (Hackers, Con Air, Daylight). Go grab coffee or food, or take a stroll with Renoly, and discuss any industry question you might have.
$500 USD
3 years free shows for two
For 3 consecutive years, you get to come see all of our upcoming shows with anyone of your choice. Whatever theatre we ever end up in, and for any show, abroad or in the US, we will always have a warm seat for you and your chosen one, garanteed!

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